Are midges considered smart? science answers

Are midges considered smart?  science answers

We all know midges, which are small creatures belonging to the order of Diptra, but hardly anyone is familiar with their amazing intelligence …

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Let’s face it, midges are often annoying to animals for many, so who wouldn’t mind having them around while they flit around the house? They are among all those insects that most of us have always considered (for some absurd reason) without a minimum of intelligence.

Probably, Being very small animals, this leads us to believe that their intelligence equals their size. However, there is nothing more than that, we are really on the verge of deconstructing all your beliefs. What will these “creatures” have in common with humans? We tell you right away: a lot, really, More than you think.

Flies, why does science consider them intelligent animals?

Yes, science has not only discovered how smart they are but has also identified many similarities with us humans. Scholars Kavli Institute for the Brain and Mind The University of San Diego in California has long analyzed their behavior.

midges in fruit
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After several research it turned out that midges, especially those in the fruit (scientifically known as Drosophila melanogaster), She has a higher than expected IQ.

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In short, they found that all those abilities normally found in mammals also possess it. So we are talking about multiple cognitive skills, such as:

  • memory
  • Concentration
  • awareness – awareness

Amazing what lies behind this little brain, isn’t it? But How do these animals come? who doesn’t seem to share anything with us, actually Do they have many characteristics in common with us?

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Mid – Source: Pinterest

Study authorAnd the Ralph Greenspanand Professor of Life Sciences at the University of California, San Diego, He commented in this regard:

“Although there is no clear anatomical similarity, this research is about our daily cognitive performance, what we pay attention to and how we do. Because all brains evolved from a common ancestor, we can trace the correspondences between brain regions of flies and mammals based on molecular characteristics and how they are stored Our memories.”

How was the experiment conducted?

Lots of experiments have been done, but it all happened thanks to a genetically modified fluorescent molecule in brain cells. By doing this, the scientists were able to keep track of everything that was going on in their brains. It is ridiculous to think how the smallest creature on Earth manages to hide qualities not very different from ours …

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