Marta and Emma, ​​Sambori Awards 2024 from Santo Domingo College

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The awards ceremony was held last Friday, April 26th Sambori 2024, and this year we had the honor of receiving a double award at the school Santo Domingo.

The award was given to two primary school students: Marta Gonzalez Gonzalez (1) With the story titled Flower with few colorsI Emma Gomez Sanchez (II), with Magic rabbit. Congratulations, Marta I whatever!!!


Effort and talent are rewarded with this well-deserved award, and of course the invaluable work done by the school's teachers. Santo Domingo Regarding his daily dedication to teaching the Valencian language in the classroom.

Our language, whether in colloquial form or in its literary or cultural aspect, is more vibrant than ever, so we must continue to strengthen it in all daily spheres of our society.

Such as fruitful social and cultural events such as the institution’s literary competition SamboriWhich aims to spread the language and develop creativity among boys and girls in school. In addition, it should be emphasized that Sambori It has been consolidated in recent years as one of the most respected and internationally recognized school prizes, due to its status in the European region as the busiest literary competition, with an annual average of 100,000 entries from both boys and girls.

So, congratulations to all the winners of this edition, and above all: congratulations, Marta and Emma!!!

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