The Italians' most beloved scooter is here again, and it's open war for Honda

The Italians' most beloved scooter is here again, and it's open war for Honda

We are preparing for the big return to the market of one of the most appreciated Piaggio motorcycles by Italian motorcyclists.

Sometimes they come back, as the popular saying goes. It could not be otherwise, given his famous career. Piaggio could not have kept one of the most popular motorcycles of the Italian and European market on the bench for much longer, and it would have been real commercial suicide.

As well as offering its side to its arch-enemy Japan, the best-selling Honda SH. The return of the iconic Italian company's two-wheeler represents a dividing line between the past and the future for the brand.

One of Piaggio's most popular bikes is back ( –

Founded in 1884, the historic motorcycle company Sestri Poniente has always been a world leader in two-wheeled vehicles. It is clear that the most famous scooters will forever be the famous Vespa, so much so that today it has its own brand and channel.

But the property always remains the star: Piaggio. Safety in terms of reliability, build quality and typical Italian design. All qualities acquired over time that have turned it into a globally recognized brand.

The Piaggio Beverly 300 S is back

At Honda they were already shuddering at the announcement The return of the Piaggio Beverley 300 S, a direct competitor to the popular SH with the same displacement. At first glance, the new Beverly recalls the previous version, following its style and shapes.

We're talking about a mid-sized scooter, with a 16-inch front rim and a 14-inch rear rim. However, its preferred habitat remains the city environment, although it does not disdain some out-of-town trips on ring roads or state roads.

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The Piaggio Beverly 300 S returns to challenge the Honda SH ( –

When it is in your hands, you will immediately realize that it is a quality product and you can see this in the quality of the materials chosen and the standard equipment.

In fact, in addition to the usual simple ABS, we find traction control, keyless ignition, a USB port and a 5.5-inch LCD screen connected to your smartphone through the Piaggio MIA app. Not included in Price starts from 5699 euros The windshield is available in different sizes and prices start from 159 euros.

The chassis is really high quality, thanks to the excellent combination of frame, shocks and engine. The latter is a A 278 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine capable of delivering a maximum power of 26 hp A maximum speed of 126 km/h. Excellent habitability thanks to a wide and high ground saddle.

Perhaps the only drawback we can find in the excellent Beverly is the compartment under the seat, the cockpit of which is only large enough to accommodate a helmet and a little more, due to its irregular shape.

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