Super Reward, here’s who risks having to return all the money: penalties and interest

Super Reward, here’s who risks having to return all the money: penalties and interest

In some cases, there is a risk of not being eligible for the Superbonus tax credit and also having to pay penalties and interest. Here’s what to watch out for.

Super Bonus –

when it comes to Super bonus We refer to all extraordinary maintenance interventions aimed at improving the property from certain points of view.

You can ask Super bonus tax exemption In case of replacement of all air conditioning systems in the common areas of the apartment or in individual houses, in the operations of insulation of the ceiling and other coverings or replacement of worn-out fittings.

The super bonus allows anyone who is entitled to benefit from it 110% tax deduction On these specific structural interventions.

Those who choose to take advantage of this tax exemption will choose one of the three permitted methods. The first refers to deducting expenses shown in the tax return over 5 different years.

The second can be exploited with one Upfront discount directly on the invoice. The third method is by A Transferring credit to a third party.

However, despite all this, we must Meet a specific deadline, so as not to lose interest. Those who do not adhere to the rules also risk being hit with hefty fines and having to pay interest.

Let’s analyze all the information about it and What will be necessary to pay attention to To avoid any problems with Superbonus.

Risks associated with superior reward: Pay attention to this rule

Those who start working in 2023 can no longer count on 110%, but on it 90% of tax exemption. This was the government’s decision. But regardless of the chosen method of obtaining tax relief, it will not be possible to avoid having a clear rule.

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Super Bonus –

Those who have chosen to receive the advance discount on the invoice and those who have received a credit transfer to third parties will not have the possibility to complete Superbonus business. Beyond fateful Date: December 31, 2023.

Therefore, all work must necessarily be completed no later than that date so as not to lose the possibility of actually benefiting from the benefit.

Otherwise, in addition to canceling the Superbonus, you will have to pay Heavy fines and all interest. We’re sure no one would want to even remotely consider it.

A tax deduction – at 110% or 90% – is too Unless the works have already been carried out. In the event of a “negative” control from this point of view, in fact, appropriate sanctions would be imposed in the same way.

In any caseinstead of, It will be possible to complete the work even after the deadline of December 31? Let’s find out all the details.

Pay attention to the expiration date

No later than the end of the year then It will be necessary to make all invoice payments Of the various interventions performed with Superbonus. In this way, in fact, we will ensure that we can count on tax cuts in the following years.

Risk of sanctions on Superbonus –

Those who chose the tax-deductible method to receive the super bonus will also be able to do so Completion of works after December 31, 2023. However, it will be necessary to respect a basic requirement.

In addition to actually making the payment by this date, it will be important to verify Actual completion of the building permit Which allows the work to be carried out. We are referring to SilasThat is, swearing an oath to begin work.

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Therefore, for CILAS, there is no mandatory deadline of 31 December. In this case, therefore, No one should lose their tax break.

But our advice would be Inform yourself well and take necessary precautions in advanceTo avoid problems in the future. We refer to the actual receipt of the benefit and the avoidance of the risk of fines and interest payable.

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