Marotta: “I have had faith in Inzaghi for many years. But without champions, all plans change. The problem is…”

Marotta: “I have had faith in Inzaghi for many years. But without champions, all plans change. The problem is…”

Here are the announcements in the Juventus and Inter pre-session by Pepe Marotta, for the Nerazzurri, to the microphones of Sport Mediaset.

After the knockout against Fiorentina, Inter challenged Juventus in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia. No revolution in the end for Simone Inzaghi, here is the line-up chosen by the coach for the match. Here are Pepe’s statements before the match MarottaCEO of Inter, to Sportmediaset microphones:

“The closeness of the club to the team? And how do you get out of the cash? With unity, unity, a greater work culture and a strong sense of responsibility. These are the best remedies. Motivation plays an important role. The coach is the leader of the group, he sees the team every day, he decides to deploy the men, and he is rightfully the leader.”

Paletti, why does the relationship with Inzaghi continue? Will programming be based on it?

“We have faith and we’ve said it. There’s a relationship of trust that goes on for many years with him, we’re happy, we have three different goals, we still play a little bit in everything. We’re a bit unsustainable in the league, we’re missing 27 points, we need to find the continuity lost again.” Another. Tonight we will play a semi-final, next week the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The road was very important. The most important thing for the club is the Champions League, imagining going out means reviewing all plans for next year. “

Will tonight’s match be decisive for April? Have you ever asked yourself why a team alternates between doing great and losing in others?

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“You (Ravanelli, ed.) were an important player and you know very well that in level matches the players almost charge themselves. Instead, when you play in the league with other so-called regional teams, we lose points. For our own shortcomings more than for the merits of others It’s probably a mental fact, related to focus.”

Allegri says he has 9 more points on the court than you. But then he said Inter was the favourite…

“Allegri is also very good at communicating, it’s part of the game. Inter, Juventus and Milan are always under pressure, results are important, even more than performance. However, to get them, you need a good performance. Allegri managed a very difficult moment for his club. We have to We also find contraindications.

Do you and Zanetti talk a lot with the boys in the dressing room sometimes? If Inzaghi doesn’t bring home results, he will have to be replaced, even if you can’t say it…

“We are very close to the management level with the coach, including Ausilio and Paquin. We also spoke yesterday with the players as always. Controversy is frequent. I repeat, you should not interfere with the management of the coach who is the leader, he uses the right dynamics to focus and organize matches. Everyone , And not just the coaches, they come under scrutiny, and so do we. If the goals are not met, there will be many culprits. One wins, the others lose.”

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