LIVE TMW – Roma, Mourinho: “Zaniolo wouldn’t go away, but I couldn’t call him”

LIVE TMW – Roma, Mourinho: “Zaniolo wouldn’t go away, but I couldn’t call him”

20.00 – After Beko’s success against Spezia, in a few minutes Roma coach Jose Mourinho will speak at the press conference to comment on the Giallorossi’s performance. Follow his words thanks to live TMW extension!

8.28 pm – The conference begins.

What happened to you tonight?
“Team play. A team that worked really well during the week, on organizing the game. You saw what we worked on, it wasn’t easy to play here, with a motivated team and a positive streak. We did it very well 2-0 is not the result that closes games, but I felt calm On the bench, it felt like a controlled game and I loved it.”

Will someone be needed if Zaniolo leaves?
“I never lose a minute thinking about the post-Zaniolo transfer market. Maybe I’m wrong, but my condition is that there is no story. I don’t think about anything, it’s very simple for me. What the manager says I am is an absolute truth and what he tells me makes me say he is There is no story. I would be surprised if Zaniolo left, and if he did we would have an emergency meeting to intervene.”

How to restore your relationship with Roma Zaniolo?
“I have always received words of support for him. The relationship with me is good, let’s see what happens with the environment. From a legal point of view, the door is open, my condition is that the door is closed, but in football something can happen. Niccolo gives everything every time He plays in it, a period of time, and in that sense my relationship with him has always been good and yesterday it was also good. The player who tells you he is not able to help the team at the moment. I don’t. No need to take back the report, no problem. This week it’s important to You’ve scored three points and it’s a good game.”

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What happened to Ibrahim?
“From my personal point of view, I didn’t do much. We objectively analyzed the training sessions, his work and his intensity, and tried to change the details every day. It is thanks to him and also to the team that he plays better. We like him a lot in targeting a player with negative performances, but today it was difficult One of our players has to play badly. The team is doing better, if Ibrahim doesn’t score, he still contributes, whereas before, if he doesn’t score, he doesn’t contribute. He works well with the team, then if he scores a great goal.”

Comment on Juventus penalty kick? Do you aspire to a place in the Champions League?
“I don’t want to talk about it honestly. I understand very little about the law and the court, as well as appeals. I understand very little about these things and my focus is not there but on scoring as many points as possible and seeing where we are at the end of the tournament. Playing once in a This week we are strong, we can grow, but when we play three times a week the story can change and we can struggle. My focus is on Sunday’s game.”

Roma guest team?
“Let’s say it’s strength and maybe we lose on Sunday (laughs, ed.). We feel good away from home, we manage emotions well too because frustration can sometimes arrive. There were many away games and from the match in Genoa with Sampdoria we always conceded goals, we didn’t That day I’m happy.”

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8.39 pm – The press conference closes.

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