Maria Teresa Puccino: Help my pants fall

Maria Teresa Puccino: Help my pants fall

Maria Theresa and Christina Puccino: For some they are the Italian answer to the Kardashian sisters. And when it comes to beauty, we know it’s hard to beat Made in Italy.

Maria Theresa Buccino | Instagram

There is a town called Calabria CastrofilariIt is a city known for its history and art. A Roman, Swabian, Imperial and Bourbon city full of attractions and charm. There are many things to admire in this city in the province of Cosenza, but two in particular are dedicated to fans of television, entertainment, and female beauty. These are two sisters, Maria Theresa and Cristina Puccino (there is also a third sister, Donatella, who is now far from the spotlight). In short, if Riace had his bronzes, Castrovilari was not joking at all In terms of sculpting.

The Italian Kardashian Sisters

Someone, perhaps because of his attitude to the constant presence on the media and on social networks, wanted to connect them with the sisters of another famous family: the Kardashian sisters. Perhaps art critics will agree on the fact that Maria Theresa and Christina are of a distinctly superior aesthetic level, as is customary in a country that was the birthplace of art and continues to collect a large part of the artistic heritage of the world.

Aesthetics aside, the Puccino sisters, who are very different from many points of view on character, have one point in common. They both have supernatural The ability to attract media attention (And in fact also for those looking at them.) While Christina has launched herself decisively in the world of entertainment, Maria Theresa prefers to appear less and declare that she prefers her job and career as an interior designer. designed with 800 thousand followers On Instagram, it has to be said…

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The press has been talking about them recently for two reasons: one is the aesthetic touches that there is no problem in declaring, and the other is the possibility of participating in Big Brother VIP, which was recently rejected. Neither one, nor the other, nor the pair (who were undoubtedly a winning pair) would line up with the ground-breaking reality show, which still manages to stop and stir up Italy’s excitement of adventure and trouble. the home”.

Lucky “fall”

In one of her last appearances on her successful Instagram channel, Maria Theresa delighted her fans with a shot of the rare event. In fact, it appears that it was captured in a strange mixture of stolen and exposed footage, while yes Take off the jeans.

Maria Theresa Buccino
Maria Theresa Puccino loses her pants happily for her fans | Instagram

It’s as if she was surprised, but she’s staring straight into the camera, conscious and provocative. The post is also enriched by a very special zoom that delights fans who want to go and discover it. The shot is clearly only “stolen”, but it’s part of the work influential Made by Maria Theresa, Interior Designer, for Well-known lingerie brand. A great choice for both of us, we feel like saying.

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