Citroen distorts everything, you will not walk anymore spending only 1000 euros

Citroen distorts everything, you will not walk anymore spending only 1000 euros

The French house is entering a straight leg in a sector that – until now – has not been explored with a very compelling product that could open new frontiers in the history of the brand. Let’s see why it is so much fun.

Since the world began, Citroën has never been interested in producing anything other than cars but times are changing. That’s why the French House really surprised us.

It’s time for a change (Canva)

To move with time

It turns out that the beginning of the 2000s was an estimated period for a radical change The way we perceive the car, bike and individual public transportation. If you think that by 2035 cars made in Europe will necessarily have to be zero-emissions, it’s clear why so many homes are breaking new billing tracks.

houses like Citroen, certainly the most famous French brand alongside Renault and Peugeot which recently surprised its fans with a revolutionary announcement. Unlike, for example, the house of Leoncio who also tried his hand with excellent results in the field of bicycles by producing two historic models, Citroen has always been associated with the world of four wheels. Until now.

Due to the success of the electric Ami which also equipped some Greek police departments some time ago, Citroen has chosen to insist in the electricity sector But this time not in the traditional way. Do you know new bikes with batteries that are able to switch pedals with conventional propulsion? Good.

Citroen e-bike is here

The French house also decided to try his hand at it In the production of e-bike Or an electric bike. Reasonable disposition if we think that these vehicles are in fashion, they are easier to produce – compared to a car – and can be sold without much problems even at high prices, especially if the brand has a very strong name in the market. And what screams “hardness” more than the house that built the Skill and 2CV just yesterday?

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first model It’s called Citroen City It is a bike with a 250W solid frame and a top speed of 45km/h, a six-speed gearbox and 28-inch wheels that are in the €1,000 price range, making it quite economical in all things considered. A good product does not come by itself.

City Sasas Times 08/24/2022 Quattromania
Will Citroen also break through on two wheels? (Sasa Times)

The house already reported in June that it intends to insist a lot on the e-bike segment by producing a model with a foldable frame, which is useful for those who Take turns using the bike to public transport or cars. It looks like Citroen’s not going to be shortsighted: the brand in the bike segment to stay. do you agree?

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