“Maria Elena Bosque and Giulio Perotti separate” and thus the interested parties respond to the rumors about them.

“Maria Elena Bosque and Giulio Perotti separate” and thus the interested parties respond to the rumors about them.

If there was a storm, it was overcome. In recent months, it appears that “Renziana” Maria Elena Bosque, 41, and actor Giulio Perotti, 37, a married couple since spring 2019, have had to deal with some problems in their lives as a married couple. There were also rumors that their romance was about to end. Even the paparazzi, watching the progress of the story, had to live a meager period, and could no longer immortalize the two lovebirds together. In short, the hypothesis that a crisis occurred between them is not far off. The fact is that if there was a period of crisis in the spouses, then that period is now archived, as evidenced by the photos in the last issue of the magazine. People On newsstands. On the first day of spring, the weekly newspaper surprised the couple in Frigini on the waterfront. The sun is kissing in one of the restaurants “Beirut” and “Bush”.

The shots reveal a strong and true bond, characterized by gentle caresses, complicit looks and tender kisses. From what it seems from the photos, everything is going well in the couple. This makes us believe that Julio and Maria Elena certainly did not present wedding projects and projects related to building a wonderful family. The former star did ANTIMAVIAAt the time of the alleged crisis with his partner, he wrote on social media: “If it only lights up in good weather, it’s not true love”. As easy to guess, this sentence did nothing but amplify the gossip about a possible emotional storm with Maria Elena Bosque. However, whether or not there was a storm in their relationship, it was clear that they were successfully overcome. So it seems that peace has returned to the couple, and who knows that the so-called moment of crisis was not due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

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As many know, the shutdown has had serious repercussions for many couples, both those who are part of the entertainment world and those who are ‘involved’. Could it be the same fate for them too? Possible, but until we hear the opinions of those directly involved, we can’t be sure. Meanwhile, according to insiders, it appears that even a few months ago the Tuscan actor and politician was making preparations for their wedding. But if this news has some basis, when will the wedding take place? Some have no doubt that orange blossoms could arrive by the end of 2022. However, for now, everything is silent in the Boschi-Berruti house. This is nothing new, as they are both very reserved and care a lot about their privacy. In short, even if the proposal has already arrived, it is difficult to predict whether there will be a wedding soon or not. So, for now we just have to wait for more news.

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