Queen Elizabeth bid farewell to Buckingham Palace: That’s why she decided to move to Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth bid farewell to Buckingham Palace: That’s why she decided to move to Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth II He will not return to live permanently Buckingham Palace. there A symbolic decision is one of the historical decisions – after all, shape is often foolproof – and it was captured in a year marking a major event for the king, the celebrations of the platinum jubilee, 70 years of his reign. With all due respect to the nostalgic traditionalists and purists, An era that ends forever: The Queen has decided to move permanently to Windsor Castle, which has always been one of her favorite accommodations (along with Balmoral, which is privately owned by the Queen).

Windsor Castle is actually the Queen’s country home, and is used mostly on weekends and rest days. Of course, it’s not exactly the cozy and reserved accommodation you can imagine, as it’s the largest inhabited castle in the world thanks to its 1,000 rooms and 13 hectares of land (it was there she and her sister Margaret was a refugee during WWII). So Elizabeth II will not live in SW1A 1AA in London – That’s the exact address of Buckingham Palace – in fact he hasn’t lived there permanently for some time: YesI say he spent his last night in the palace two years agoIn March 2020, the Royal Banner was rarely waved for two years to indicate the presence of the King in the building. From now on, the British Union flag will dominate, even if Buckingham Palace continues to be a symbolic venue for important occasions, starting with the platinum party that will open next June 2 with the military parade and ending with the inevitable appearance of the royal family on the balcony of the main facade (so far the unknown remains About the presence/absence of Harry England).

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The Queen has been living in Windsor for some time and the two-year pandemic has accelerated its spread Escape from London. It is said that the king I didn’t really like Buckingham Palace, a “fortress” It consists of 775 rooms, including 19 government rooms, 52 royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms. It was Winston Churchill who convinced her of the symbolic importance of living there But in the past 70 years, she has run away as fast as she can, preferring other lodgings. Covid, the death of beloved Prince Philip (whose body was buried in a royal crypt at St George’s Chapel, Windsor), the volatile health conditions of his 96 years and the renovation of Buckingham Palace that will run until 2027, all accelerated. resolution packs and leaving the building. He will work more out of his own apartments, move less but will be present in the body when he needs it, beginning with the double date at Westminster, on the fourteenth of Commonwealth Day and on the twenty-ninth of the commemoration of Philip. What will happen to Buckingham Palace? It is unlikely that it will return to being the headquarters of the rulers: Neither Prince Charles nor his son William likes him very much So it is likely that in the future it will turn into a huge museum.

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