Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 27, 2022: Episode

Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 27, 2022: Episode

Preview of Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 27 2022

there The bet Ladies’ Paradise 6 On April 27, 2022 is expected in Rai 1 It’s 3:55 p.m. on the first watch, except for the differences. This is the third date with the soap this week. In the event that you are unable to follow the programs on TV, you can always redeem the episode at Ray Play on demand.

Below you will find previews Ladies’ Paradise 6 From April 27, 2022!

Ludovica Brancia di Montalto (Giulia Arena) in a scene from episode 148 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 158 Plot

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blackmail jewel Weighs like a rock on a heart Stefania. The latter knows what the face of pain is. She had been dealing with her since she was little when she thought she was an orphan by a mother. Her mother, on the other hand, is alive and has long been close to her in disguise. discover an identity Gloria Morrow It was a shock to her. Over time, the young woman learned to be grateful for this (found) mother. Now he finds himself at a crossroads. It’s so dramatic for her to choose if she wants to save Glory or his love Marco. However, she is absolutely convinced that she knows how to behave. It will be his relationship with Adelaide’s nephew that will be sacrificed, according to his plans.

Vittorio He never frowns Dante. It’s understandable, given that he was in love with Marta. However, he has noticed it now Beatrice suffers from separation from Dante. Thus, Conte takes the field and appears to be planning something.

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It is never easy to say “goodbye”. to Marcelo It’s time to do it. Find courage and give up forever Ludovica. La Brancia is immediately consoled by Ferdinand.

UmbertoMeanwhile, she makes a decision about her love life. Despite everything they went through together, the commander chose to leave the Countess. given that vegan what do you want, Stop him at his maximum when he is about to leave for the United States.

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