730 2022 pre-packaged: When will it be available?

730 2022 pre-packaged: When will it be available?

Beginning May 23, a pre-filled Form 730 will be available to taxpayers. The date has been changed due to the extension of the relevant deadline Related to the reporting of the credit transfer option or invoice deduction in connection with construction bonuses.

The Form 730 pre-filled It will be available to taxpayers starting from May 23 On .’s websiterevenue agency. It is a form with various data already entered which avoids the taxpayer to make all the necessary calculations and gives the possibility to get a tax refund directly in the payment slip. They can use me employees Which retired.

Regarding the deadline for submitting the form, the date has not been officially announced, regarding How to send an orderThere are no changes in this regard.

Model 730: Available from May 23

Office with documents and money accounts (2) minutesthere extension From the deadline to Report Balance Transfer or Bill Discount Option Referring to Construction Bonuses Also the date he moved from Form 730 pre-filled. The latter will be found on the Agenzia delle Entrate website starting from May 23 instead of April 30.

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Initially, the deadline for reporting balance transfer or invoice deduction was set April 7; However, an amendment to the Sostegni ter Decree changed this deadline, causing it to be postponed to April 29.

Form 730: Who are the relevant taxpayers

Office with documents and money accounts (1) minThe Model 730 Can be served by those who in 2021 received it employee compensationAnd the similar income For those employees e retirement income. Furthermore, these taxpayers must not have an alternative tax in 2022 that can make the adjustment.

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Even those who realize it can use the 730 Income from buildings and landSelf-employment income that does not require a VAT number, Income subject to separate taxes (Such as income received by heirs).

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