Marcos Urarte: “Knowing how to manage uncertainty will be the competitive advantage for companies”

Marcos Urarte: “Knowing how to manage uncertainty will be the competitive advantage for companies”

In a globalized world, what weaknesses and opportunities do we have? What challenges do companies have to face? What role does the European continent play in the chess game against the two large dominant blocs such as the United States and China, while the counterpower represented by the BRICS group wants to gain its share of importance? These and other questions are what A distinguished engineer and teacher Marcus Urartyconsidered by Forbes magazine to be one of Spain's main “futurists”, was put on the table chamber of commerceBefore A broad representation of the commercial and economic fabric of the city.

Urarty He made a very accurate diagnosis of the current situation, taking into account where we came from and where we are going, where wars, pandemics, climate change, natural disasters and demographics have left, and will continue to mark, the world. “Dominated by the power of technology giants” This is living the moment of “Volatility, uncertainty, immediacy, insecurity, noise, complexity, ambiguity, acceleration and simultaneity of inequalities.”.

/F. Castillo

In this “uncertain” world, he asserted that geopolitics would determine an economy that had hitherto been dominated by the victors of World War II – the Bretton Woods meeting of 1944 – and that we were now facing a “new globalisation”. , a 'Re-globalisation“There is Europe’s role, despite what it is “The economic giant is a political dwarf and a military worm.”And where “BRICS wants to exert a counter-force to the G7, which together account for 55% of the world’s gas and 45% of the world’s oil.”.

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In this line, the engineer and university professor warned that Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and newcomers Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have begun “getting rid of dollarization,” the main economic weapon. From the Biden administration, and replacing it with the local currency, especially the yuan, in commercial transactions. Faced with this scenario, which could change if Trump returns to the White House, with an “approach” to the Kremlin, Urarte stressed that “Europe is a puppet of the United States. We need to become independent of them, because in the meantime we are losing competitiveness relative to the Americans and Asia..

/F. Castillo

Strategic prospecting

On geopolitical matters, UrartyHe added that he did not envision a third phase – an armed conflict – occurring between the United States and Russia in the short term, but he warned of a possible war between Taiwan and China, with the participation of the United States: “If there was a conflict, the global economy would stop, because 50% of global trade passes through that region. China, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Mao’s arrival these Tong In power, in 2049, he wants reunification.”. Finally, he concluded that there are “strategic axes”, where Turkey, Iran, Israel, Japan or Lula da Silva’s Brazil will gain ground to the point of causing “geopolitical overreach”.

In conclusion, in response to some questions from the audience, the engineer and professor pointed out the importance of the idea Strategic perspective In the business world, he encouraged entrepreneurs to do the exercise of assessing what they want companies to have in the next five years, and from there to draw up a plan to achieve it: “Once I analyze the future, I will compete and analyze from the present how I want to get to the future. Knowing how to manage uncertainties will be a competitive advantage for companies.”

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