Marco Pridolin leaving Playa Tosta

Marco Pridolin leaving Playa Tosta

On tonight’s episode of Isola dei Famosi 2023, Marco Pridolin was the castaway least voted on by the public: he was forced to leave Playa Tosta, and will now arrive on the island of St. Elena.

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Monday evening, April 24, 2023, the second episode ofFamous Island. elimination between Helena Briseis And Marco Predolinmentioned in the last episode, was announced by the landlady, Ilary Blasey. Marco Pridolin was the castaway with the fewest votes and was therefore forced to leave Playa Tosta. The wizard will not have to leave the game permanently: he will go to the island of Sant’Elena.

who was eliminated on the April 24 episode

Marco Predolin had to leave Playa Tosta for the second episode of Isola dei Famosi’s broadcast this evening, Monday 24 April. The televangelist loses to Helena Prestis and, after saying goodbye to his fellow adventurers, gets on the boat. “I’ve never been lucky, I’ve always earned everything in life. I’m a bit like Donald Duck, not like Gaston”her words. However, the adventure does not end for the challenger: he will now have to move to Playa St. Elena, the island in order to “eliminate”.

What happened in the April 24 episode of Isola dei Famosi 2023

The episode of Isola dei Famosi opened the night on Monday 24 April with the theme of snakes: during the first week the castaways had to fight against animals, then against fire. There was talk of Christopher successfully starting a fire yesterday but incorrectly. Then Ilary Blasi aired the feud that broke out a few days ago between Cecchi Paone and Nathaly Caldonazzo. Live Actress Accused The Untouchable Of “I have problems with women.”. After the announcement of the least voted between Pridolin and Prestes, the confrontation between Corinne Cleary and Fury Argento intensified. Then a story Christina Scoccia:”It’s tough here, I like my bravery but sometimes I talk up and get attacked.” Testing was done prior to nominations leader Who saw the winner Andrew Le Cicero.

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