Science TAG24 says dogs understand when a person is bad

Science TAG24 says dogs understand when a person is bad

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longtime behavioral researchers They wonder if dogs can read human minds And understand people’s intentions.

Previous research did not provide clear results. But thanks to research conducted by researchers at the University of Tokyo, and also by the Research Institute of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, we now know that Dogs can tell who has bad intentions and who doesn’t. Find out the details in the article.

According to the researchers, dogs understand if a person is bad

The researchers studied the behavior of dogs using 3D tracking and found that Four-legged friends can discern human intentions.

During the experiment, the tester sat in a plexiglass box with a clear plastic disk on the front, with a golf ball-sized hole in it.

He gave treats to 48 local dogs of different breeds. Once he dropped the sausage so “awkwardly” that it fell back into the box.

In other cases, withdraw the bite just before the dog eats it. Although the basic hand gestures were the same, the dogs seemed to react more eagerly to being teased, indicating that they understood The difference between an accidental act and an intentional act.

According to Japanese study dogs, with their superior intelligence and relying on past experiences to determine whether or not the person in front of them is trustworthy.

In a second experiment, the dogs did not accept gifts from people who had previously treated other people badly.

You can tell how your dog is feeling by wagging its tail

Remember: Wagging the tail on the right represents positive emotions.
The 3D tracking software used in the Austrian experiment showed that the animals tended to wag their tails on the right side of their bodies when the experimenter clumsily fiddled with the sausage.

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This is consistent with the assumption that the dogs considered the experimenter’s intentions to be sincere.”says Ludwig Huber, senior author of the study.

If a dog is afraid of a bad person, how do you show it?

Signs of fear in dogs are as follows:

  • The eyes may be wide open or stiff and staring;
  • The ears lie flat on the head.
  • the body and head are lowered or tilted forward;
  • Tension lines form on the forehead.
  • his lips are pursed, but he may also yawn as a sign of stress;
  • The tail is between the legs.
  • The dog will often turn away, shivering and trying to get away from danger or standing still as if frozen;
  • Young puppies in particular can urinate and defecate. If this is the case, you should definitely not scold the puppy to avoid increasing his fear.

In conclusion, research has shown that dogs can become aware of certain behaviors and react accordingly.

Their ability to read and respond to human emotions not only strengthens the bond between the two species, but it once again confirms the ancient intuition of friendship between man and dog.

Next time your dog shows he can’t stand anyone, pay attention to him.

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