Marco Lorne running for cover

Marco Lorne running for cover

The humiliation of a chain reaction challenge during the final match. It was an awkward moment for them, but Marco Lorne lowered the tension and eased the tension: Here’s how it went.

It is a fixed appointment for the millions of Italians who, before dinner, decided to call and play with the two rival teams. But in many years we’ve had different moments, some of which I felt nervous and embarrassed in the studio. Something similar happened in the last episode, where the train conductor had to intervene in his own way to try to make the climate less heavy.

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For a few years now, chain reaction It became a TV contest for the summer. Not only are excellent ratings recorded every night, which underscores how much the audience is fond of the game, but it is also discussed a lot on social media, as there are many users who decide to play virtually, even if there are often times when The game is full of controversy.

Moreover, many noted the great embarrassment of the rivals of the Sun and Moon, the heroes are still in office. The princessesThis is the name chosen by the Prince’s three sisters (hence the name), they were one heroes setback During the L’Intesa Vincente match, where Marco Lorne did his best not to let it weigh us down.

Chain reaction, heroes humiliate princesses: Lornie relieves tension

DIY game hard win He always succeeds in arousing great feelings in the audience, a moment when their own feelings are Recently the unimaginable happened. This time it was the competitors who got hit. Title holder I The sun and the moon They guessed well 15 wordsone of the highest rates ever and where they finally got the last word.

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The amazing thing is that the princess Not only did they fail to alarm the champions in competition, but they did not even come close to the number. That’s because they just guessed right 4 wordsIt’s not even a third of the words the sun and the moon picked up. A real humiliation.

to me Relieves stress and embarrassment In the studio think about it Marco Lorne Who, with his class and calmness, assured that at least the three girls were the heroines of a funny moment. If nothing else, I laughed a little.The orchestra conductor confirmed before saluting the competitors and escorting the champions to the final.

Stefano, Mato and Manchi, the Sun and Moon trio, in the final managed to go home well €27500. This is the first victory in the match for the champions who met at school and are from Sri Lanka.

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