Mara Venier, “Who I Hate”: An Untold Secret

Mara Venier, “Who I Hate”: An Untold Secret

Mara Venere He removes a few pebbles from his shoe. Presenter sunday in, A successful Rai 1 program reveals its untold secrets. “I learned from my origins—it started with rewinding tape—. It was my mom life teacher. Above all, I have learned to recognize loyalty in people.” Here, then, “I hate falsehood and notice at once, from a look, fake person“.

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on poles messenger, the presenter admits that there will be many anecdotes about her childhood in Venice, but the phrase she will never forget is said by her mother. it comesMara goes on tour dad. Which means, go start Daddy.” Since she was 5/6 years old, Mara admitted that she always heard her. In fact, the introduction went to fetch her dad to the bar, where she hung out with her colleagues after work, and the two of them came home together.

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However, there was no shortage of pain, such as finding out about the mother’s illness. The woman was discoveredAlzheimer’s. All this made Zia Mara “a cheerful, melancholic, tormented, dreamy and concrete person”. But above all the presenter of the program that many viewers stick to TV every Sunday.

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