Mara Venier, moments of fear for her great love: how is she now after the heart attack

Mara Venier, moments of fear for her great love: how is she now after the heart attack
Mara Venier –

“My love did not frighten me!”: So the Sunday Lady turned to her “love”, who had health problems.

But who are we talking about? Mara Venier – Our Lady of Sunday She is par excellence, as we know – married since 2006 with Nicholas Carraro, whose records did not mention specific health problems in recent days. But who could this “love” be?

Before her current husband, they were in Mara Venier’s heart Renzo Arborwith whom he established a long relationship from the second half of the eighties until 1997, Armand Assante, Pierpaolo CaponeThe father of her son, Paul. before the wedding with Nicholas Carraro She was married twice: in 1968 with Frances Veraciniwhich he had Elisabetta, and in 1984 with Jerry call.

The marriage with the latter was a very short one, given that he and Mara separated in 1985, and therefore about a year later, and it was also an eventful one: in fact, fidelity was not considered a value of great importance, since the wedding party. ‘He collected all kinds of colors for me. Let’s just say he was very mischievous,Venier A. said: very right.

party day marriageWhile everyone was celebrating and Renato Zero was singing, he disappeared. I went in the bathroom and pinched it with another. You don’t know how much I gave him and her“.

This is Mara Venier’s “love”.

During the separation a great friendship was born today “He is my oldest and my best friend, we support each other through the dark times“. It is just a file Jerry call that Mara Venere In his latest Instagram post: On the night between Friday 17th and Saturday 18th March, the Veronese actor was actually He had a heart attack While he was in Naples to shoot a movie in which he was the director and hero, who kidnapped Jerry Calla.

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Jerry had surgery tonight in Naples. He had a heart attack and they put a stent on him. He’s fine and recovering while he stayed in intensive care…but he’s fine! Mara wrote on Instagram. Thanks to the Mediterranean Clinic of Naples. My love, what a fright you gave me! #jerrycala #loveyou“.
Mara Venier with Jerry Calla –

Great horror – that’s what it is now

A reassuring message, albeit brief, clear and comprehensive. After Mara, too boss The former cat of Vicolo Miracoli, Alex IntermittHe wanted to clarify Jerry’s condition given the worrying headlines in the media.

Fortunately, the heart attack was caught in time – It was Intermitt who visited Jerry in the clinic – I immediately came to him this morning and talked to him for a long time. A coronary artery stent was implanted. Now he will have to stay a few more days in the clinic and then return to work“.

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