LOL 2 review and why it was less successful than LOL 1 :: Blog on Today

LOL 2 review and why it was less successful than LOL 1 :: Blog on Today

I finish LOL 2But the tears on spectators’ faces aren’t (and how can they…) from sadness at the end of Season Two. lol: who laughs outside. But despite the laughs, a shadow hovering over Prime Video, or rather more of a shadow is background noise, repeating the phrase “last year was so much fun” over and over again.

Is it really like this? Impossible to say for sure. What we can say, however, is that there are many undeniable differences lol 1 This is the new second edition. by all mean of the word.

The different success of LOL 1 and LOL 2

Let’s start with the welcome: last year LOL has literally overwhelmed Italy. We who were lucky enough to preview the first episodes, We were warned Our readers that the news coming up on Prime Video will make them laugh, but in our hearts we weren’t sure that everyone LOL would like the way we did.

It ended up being that for weeks there was nothing else to talk about. On social media, at work, with friends, with family, everywhere there was a constant quote of the funniest moments, Elio jokes, Frank’s clumsiness, Ciro sketches, how to forget Lilo’s numbers …

This year, the success — useless to beat — was much less than the first release. And after all, how can we “talk about anything else” when a war is going on that affects us as closely as the one in Ukraine? But that’s the only difference: in our opinion, no.

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Why was LOL 1 “more fun”?

Of course, the conflict in Europe does not entirely make us afraid, but according to many, this is not the point. “LOL 1 really made you laugh” is a phrase you’ve either heard or thought of and said as well.

Indeed, it is only natural that the “naive” pleasure of the first edition, when we did not know what to expect, could not be reproduced in this way, with little change, simply by replacing the ten comedians.

But it is also not true, in our opinion, that a file Comedians of last year It was, in an absolute sense, better than the one it was this year. No offense to others, but even Corrado Guzzanti, Virginia Raffaele, Maccio Capatonda, and Mago Forest are worth the full price of this year’s ticket.

The real and fundamental difference between the two versions

So, if it’s not because of the war, not because of the waning influence of modernity, and not because of the alleged lack of new actors, why do so many people feel this way, let’s say not of disappointment but of nostalgia anyway?

In our opinion, for a very specific reason. Did you notice that in the “house” of LOL 2 there were neon signs with words like “Hi ya” I know “Lilo” and others? Here, the difference is there, in pick up the phrase.

Pintos with his book “Do you bother?” , Elio with his book “But Will They Be Kazeen…My King?!” , Lilo with just about everything he did… They created phrases, simple and instantly recognizable. The phrases we made for us, which we repeated in jest and sometimes seriously, with “Mignot *** crazyBy Michela Giroud, We even sang…

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In this edition, what phrases come to your mind? None of us, except to joke about Saturn against Guzzanti. But even that’s not a real slogan, it’s not a phrase we can say to a colleague or friend to laugh together.

This year’s comedians made us laugh as much, in our opinion no less than those of last year (here funniest moments), especially thanks to the four we mentioned. But, perhaps without realizing it, they did not leave us short quotes to repeat, which is why many feel that LOL 2 Something is missing.

We’ll have to learn the new version of the song by Guzzanti-Venditti, or buy the book “How to learn to walk in a few simple steps” by Mimmo Editor. And whenever they dare to call their little dogs a sting, or wear a bow tie backwards. The important thing is that there LOL 3as soon as possible.

Ah, if you came here looking for the name of the winner, there are two possibilities: either you are a masochist or you want to spoil the ending for some friends. Either way, we certainly won’t help you.

Rating: 8.5

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