September 30, 2022

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Ambra Angiolini kisses a mysterious man: a new love after Allegri

In Rome, aperitif and passion with a knight in love

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Umbra in Tromboli with raincoat on Labor Day

Ambra wrote some time ago: “Day zero is for everyone, it’s a moment where you don’t win, you don’t lose, but you start over.” That day of reboot came. And so, while paparazzi are happy in love, Massimiliano Allegri goes through a nasty professional crisis. He is fresh from Juventus’ defeat by Inter in the Coppa Italia and has not had any success with the Bianconeri in a year that was also supposed to be a restart for him…

On the contrary, Ambra is calm and cheerful in the pictures of “Diva e donna”. After stopping at the bar counter for an aperitif, he travels to his home not far away. Her contestant waits for a while before he joins her inside the door with two cans of water. A gesture that explains the daily life between them. The paparazzi snapped and shyly showed their silently blooming love.

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