The Azzurri with full points in the pre-Olympic stage

The Azzurri with full points in the pre-Olympic stage

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – The third success in Group A of pre-Olympic volleyball towards Paris 2024 to Italy De GiorgiWhich after multiplication Czech Republic and Qatar He achieved the treble with a 3-0 win Ukraine (25-23, 25-16, 25-16) at Marakazinho Stadium Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Retrieved direct From the match…

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Italy, now challenge against Germany: where to watch it on TV?

After the victory over Ukraine (the third in three matches played by the Azzurri in the tournament). Group A of the Pre-Olympic Championship in Rio de Janeiro) Germany will be Italy’s next opponent. The challenge is scheduled to take place tomorrow (October 4, 6:30 pm Italian time) at the Maracazzinho Stadium, It will be visible live on Sky Sport Max and broadcast live on SkyGo.

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Italy – Ukraine 3-0

Italy – Ukraine 3-0 (25-23, 25-16, 25-16)
Italy: Micheletto 20, Sanguinetti 2, Romano 9, Lavia 10, Galassi 8, Giannelli 2, Palaso (left). Mosca 2. Ney: Spertoli, Botolo, Cortessia, Povolenta, Scanferla (left). All De Giorgi
Ukraine: Shurov 3, Topchi 6, Boloyan 11, Semenyuk 8, Sinitsya 2, Kovalov 6, Kanaev (L). Plotnersky, Evstratov, Kocher. Ney: Mazhenko, Ostapenko, Kysiliuk, Boyko (left). All krastens
the reviewer: Maruszczyk (Poland), Heckford (England)
Set duration: 25′, 23′, 20′.
Numbers – Italy: 9a, 15b, 7m, 19 et al. Ukraine: 2a, 13b, 4m, 22 et al.

11.40 pm

Italy-Ukraine, Micheletto’s offer: He is the “top scorer”

It was one Micheletto’s performance showed in the match that Italy won over Ukraine at the “Maracazzinho” stadium.: The color was blue – Top scorer in the match with 20 pointsWhile among the competitors was Boloyan, who scored the most points (11). In Italy Lafia also scored in double figures (10 points).

11.33 pm

Pre-Olympics, Group A: Italy’s next matches

Lonely people Italy’s tour de force in BrazilThe Azzurri won the first three matches out of 7 scheduled in 9 days in Group A of the preliminary qualifiers towards Paris 2024. After successes against the Czech Republic, Qatar and Ukraine. The Azzurri’s next opponent will be Germany Written by Primi from New Modena (tomorrow, October 4, at 6:30 p.m.). And then there will be the challenges against Iran For the new Verona bomber, Amin (Friday, October 6, 6:30 p.m.), Against Cuba Which brings together Yant and Herrera (Saturday, October 7, 6.30 p.m.), and finally In front of the Brazilian host Led by Bruno Al Khaled (Sunday, October 8, at 3 pm).

11.27 pm

Pre-Olympic Games, Italy at the top of Group A: the situation

Nine points in three games for Italy, which is still in the lead with full points in Group A of the pre-Olympic tournament towards Paris 2024. At +3 over Germany (which only played two matches) and over Cuba Grab a pass for games They will be the first two in the ranking.

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11.17 pm

Ace by Micheletto: 25-16 and the third win for Italy!

A crushing blow from Micheletto ends the match The third group ended with a score of 25-16 for Italy against Ukraine After 25-23 and 25-16 of the other two parts. Third successive success in Group A of the pre-Olympic stage for the Azzurriwhich remains at the top of the rankings With full marks.

11.14 pm

Ukraine is at -7 and Italy “sees” success: 22-15

Boolean error e Ukraine fell to -7 behind Italy in the third group: 22-15 The result is in favor of the Azzurri, who “sees” winning now.

11.11 pm

Micheletto keeps Ukraine at distance: 19-14

Country win by Michieletto e Italy is a safe distance from Ukrainewho is chasing in the third set at -5: 19-14 for the Azzurri.

11.08 pm

Italy goes +5 in the third set: 15-10

Diagonal Lafia winner and block Galassi: Italy is on a run in the third set and flies to +5 Over Ukraine (15-10).

11.06 pm

Italy presses again: 12-8

First the ace and then the winning pipe Micheletto And thanks to Synytsia’s subsequent error Italy returns to +4 over Ukraine in Group C (12-8)

11.03 pm

Ukraine does not give up, the Azzurri recover: 8-8

After a mistake from Romano Ukraine scores with Boloyan and finds a winning block With Boolean: Italy recovered and the score was equal again In the third group (8-8).

11.01 pm

Italy +3 over Ukraine in the third group: 8-5

Lafia point and the winning Moscow bloc: Italy +2 over Ukraine in the third group (6-4) Which could be decisive, with the Azzurri leading 2-0 on partial count.

10.57 pm

Balance at the beginning of the third period: 2-2

With Italy leading 2-0 in the selected group over Ukraine A balanced start to the third group at Maracazinho Stadium: 2-2 score.

10.53 pm

Italy also won the second set: 25-16!

Lafia is the one who sets A decisive point for Italy in the second groupwon 25-16 The Azzurri now lead 2-0 over UkraineCounting parts at Maracazinho Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

10.50 pm

Italy +8 over Ukraine: 23-15

Ace by Micheletto and Italy +8 over Ukraine In the second group: at Maracazinho Stadium, the score is 23-15 for the Azzurri.

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10.47 pm

Italy is not slowing down: 18-12 and Ukraine is at -6

Another point from Micheletto and then a parallel win from Romano: Italy is on the run and is now at +6 over Ukraine In the second group and the result 18-12 for the Azzurri.

10.45 pm

New +4 for Italy: 16-12

Winning attack by Lafia, a point in the first half for Galassi and then Micheletto scores: Italy is trying to extend again in the second group and returns to +4 over Ukraine. He took it to 16-12.

10.41 pm

Second return to balance: 11-11

The comeback was complete at this stage of the second setUkraine “equals” Italy with a point from Sinetsya: 11-11 score now in “Maracazinho”.

10.40 pm

Ukraine is back to -1 from Italy: 10-9

Boloyan’s point, Giannelli’s offensive error and Topçi’s shot: Ukraine makes up for it and returns to -1 behind ItalyWho now leads 10-9.

10.37 pm

The Azzurri lead in the second set: 10-6

Winner in the first half by Sanguinetti and a point by Lafia: Italy +4 over Ukraine (10-6) in the second group In “Maracazinho”.

10.34 pm

First half for Italy: 6-4 in the second set

Point Micheletto and Ace Galassi, Italy’s first attack in the second group Against Ukraine: the result of the Azzurri 6-4.

10.31 pm

Balanced start in the second set: 2-2

A balanced start in the second set Italy and Ukraine are fighting point to point: 2-2 score at Maracazinho Stadium.

10.27 pm

Italy wins: 25-22 in the first set!

At the decisive moment of the first set Italy stays clear and wins With a pipe from Micheletto, a block from Galassi and the decisive point scored by Lafia: 25-22 partial results Ukraine has already been forced to go on the hunt.

10.24 pm

Italy “hangs” on Ukraine: 22-22

Diagonal Kovalov winner from Zone 4 and Semenyuk bloc: Italy is “addicted” to Ukraine Which ended in a draw in the first set (22-22).

10.20 pm

Ukraine does not give up and returns to -2: Italy leads 20-18

After an ace from Micheletto, a winning diagonal from Topci from the second line, and a mistake by Lafia from area 4, Semenyuk scored in the first half: Ukraine does not give up and returns to -2 behind Italynow forward 20-18.

10.16 pm

New lead for Italy: 18-13 and +5 for the Azzurri

An invasion and a huge mistake for Ukraine at that time A winning pipe from Lafia and a block from Micheletto: Italy returns to +5 above Ukraine, The score was 18-13 In the first group.

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10.12 pm

Ukraine goes back to -1: 11-10 Italy

Error in service to Italy, then a Winning hands of Kovalov and an ace from Boloyan: 11-10 for the Blues Ucarina is back to -1.

10.09 pm

Micheletto Qatar: 9-5 Italy

Country win from Zone 4 for Michieletto e Italy +4 over Ukraine In the first set: the score is 9-5

10.05 pm

Walls of Galassi and Micheletto: 5-3 Italy

Azzurri’s first attack, thank you Two consecutive blocks by Galassi and Micheletto It led Ukraine 5-3 in the first group.

10.02 pm

Italy – Ukraine: The match has begun

The challenge has begun Italy and Ukraine at “Maracazinho” in Rio de Janeiro: Di Giorgi of the Azzurri, world champions and European vice-champions, go I’m looking for the third success in a row.

9.59 pm

Italy-Ukraine: The two national anthems in “Maracazinho”

The difference on the field Ed The national anthems of Italy and Ukraine were played at Maracazzinho Stadium. Pre-match valid for the third day of Group A Pre-Olympic volleyball towards Paris 2024.

9.49 pm

Italy vs Ukraine: How they reach the challenge

Full marks for Italy in Group A of the pre-Olympic stage Volleyball: The Azzurri team, led by De Giorgi, defeated the Czech Republic 3-1 and Qatar 3-0. Three points in two games for Ukraine insteadWhich after the knockout with Cuba (0-3) It is clear that it has bypassed Iran (3-0).

9.37 pm

Italy-Ukraine: “Perugia Derby” between Giannelli and Plotnitsky

A challenge within a challenge between Simone Giannelli and Oleh Plotnitsky, captains of the Italian and Ukraine national teams Who will soon compete at the Maracazinho Stadium in the Group A match of the Olympic qualifiers towards Paris 2024: “Perugia Derby” between the Italian player and the Ukrainian playerteammates at Sir Safety Perugia.

9.29 pm

Italy-Ukraine: lineup

Italy: 7 Palazzo, 12 Botolo, 23 Buvolenta, 13 Cortescia, 14 Galassi, 6 Gianelli (C), 15 Lavia, 5 Micheletto, 30 Mosca, 20 Rinaldi, 16 Romano, 28 Sanguinetti, 8 Spertoli, 10 Scanferla.

Ukraine: 17 Boyko, 11 Kanaev, 21 Kisiliuk, 14 Kovalov, 16 Kocher, 3 Mazhenko, 9 Ostapenko, 5 Plotnitsky (c), 1 Boloyan, 10 Semenyuk, 27 Shchurov, 7 Sinitsa, 13 Topchi, 12 Evstratov.

9.15 pm

Italy and Ukraine: where it can be watched on TV and live broadcast

After victories over the Czech Republic and Qatar Di Giorgi’s Italy challenges Ukraine in Rio de Janeiro On the third day of group A Pre-Olympics towards Paris 2024. It will be possible to follow the match He lives And broadcast… (all details)

Maracazinho, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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