“Maignan will start tomorrow, Tomori has not been called”

Hello, dear readers of SpazioMilan. As usual, today we will follow the press conference of Stefano Pioli Which will present the championship match against Sassuolo scheduled for Sunday at 15:00.

Messias showed in Madrid that he can play with Diaz, can you tell us about Messi?

“Messias has shown that he has great potential, he is not here by chance. It was a difficult start but he is showing great things.”

Could it be that Magnan and Tomori really are owners?

Mainian is fine, He started working with the team from last Saturday. He will play tomorrow. Tomori He hasn’t been contacted but will be available on the midweek shift.”


“Liao is fine, he has not yet recovered from Florence’s cramps but he is ready to play tomorrow.”

Madrid match yet?

“Medium-sized teams after a great match are satisfied, and they face the next match superficially. On the other hand, the big teams take advantage of the positive moment to progress faster.”

Best Calhanoglu or Cristiano Ronaldo for Italy?

“I support Italy, he has all the qualifications for what Mancini and the players showed to get to the World Cup. We all have to support Italy. Italy will play to win because they have the right values, and we will cheer for them”

The goals of the company?

“We want to return Milan to the competitions it deserves, to regain the competition to win the Scudetto and do a very good job in Europe.”

How are you Pellegri? Could it be useful?

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“Sure yes, it can be useful. He had some minor ailments but he got over it. Pellegri is a smart boy, when there is a need he will be ready, I am sure of that.”


“He’s definitely better, he’s a strong player, I love him. It took him longer to recover than the others, but he’s really strong. On average I have a lot of high-level players, for sure everyone will play. From here to January, many games are still missing, then we will also be prepared for the emergency in January

Rebek recovery times?

At the moment I don’t know the exact time. You are important, but it is important to have a balance, clear ideas and know how to exploit the different characteristics of the players. The important thing is that there are always the right combinations to have a team that is proactive and more dangerous than opponents.”

About Dionysian?

“A very good coach and he has already given his game identity. He has already won a minor championship, we have a new important lever, the youngsters are always there pushing and we must stay true to the desire to improve and be curious, there is always a way to improve”

about the future?

“We have laid the foundations so far, we must try to raise the level and become more competitive. It is important that we pay attention and passion to what we are doing, when we play it is important that you have the desire to win every game.”

Can this team target the second star?

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“We are trying to improve our mentality and quality. On Wednesday we proved that we have The tactical, mental and technical quality to put on the field, we had a very high strength against the opponent who is his strong point. In my head there is a dream of winning because we are in Milan and Milan is Milan.”


“Having very flexible players gives us many solutions. How the five changes changed the interpretation of matches. Now it is not necessary to have only Plan A but also Plan B and Plan C, this new exchange structure is a factor”

How to defeat Sassuolo de Dionissi?

“I try to be a compact, fast and accurate team from a technical point of view”

Will duels be essential tomorrow?

“Yes, but I’m always. Whoever wins the most duels at the end has the most chance of winning the match.”

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