Lumberjack Pasta Recipes: Crazy Idea I’ll drool when I read the ingredients

Lumberjack Pasta Recipes: Crazy Idea I’ll drool when I read the ingredients
Pasta from the woodcutter Laterradelgusto

Grilled pasta, can it be prepared? An old recipe from a well-known restaurateur that amazes many people.

Lumberjack pasteJust from the name you immediately think of something special ruralAnd also from Strong taste And absolutely Established. Just think about it, just close your eyes, empty your mind and focus on the name, certainly the first thing we think of, as a spice, could be Smoked salami.

there macaroni that it The first is very common, especially in our kitchen, but recently it has become very popular everywhere. It is now cooked in all its forms all over the world. Not just them macaronibut in any way, especially me Fuseliwhich is called abroad routine.

Aside from the latter, we only need to think that it is about words macaroni Which macaroniAnd also Pizza, they have no translation in countries outside Italy, and the name remains exactly the same. It is also interesting to see them all Differences Which can be provided and which can be prepared.

A thousand and more pasta flavors

The most classic we can say is Al Tomatoes and basil. We remember it then for the sake of absolute record duty, for example Pasta with sauce It does not necessarily refer to the spices just mentioned, even if many do now out of habit, but it can refer to a Any pasta. juice And it actually is, regardless of the name by which it is referred to Any kind of spice.

Speaking of which, we are actually about to point out a condiment in particular, which it is not surprising that it takes the name Lumberjack pasteand is particularly favored by the eponymous chef Michelangelo Mammoletti. This dish requires preparation that is not particularly rich in ingredients spices But the one who follows a process is very new to him to prepare.

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Pasta that not many people know about
Pasta from the woodcutter Laterradelgusto

Preparing lumberjack pasta

the macaroniin this case we are talking about, it should be boiled not in boiling water but in PGI pork broththen filter and stir in a pan containing a Flavored oil With the same pork, Rosemary And garlic. However, it does not have to be submitted immediately, but will be submitted now Another process.

I moved them macaroni In a special pan it must be smoked for a few moments in a good oven textured grill, Specifically whose fire will be generated wood. This last step will be necessary for Give to the plate which’Excellent smoking And also strongly capable of giving Quite a rustic flavour To pasta.

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