Elisabetta Gregoraci, the last title is sensational: what you did left everyone speechless

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the last title is sensational: what you did left everyone speechless
Elisabetta Gregoracchi Linnea Diretta 24

Presenter Elisabetta Gregoracci has ended up in the midst of heated controversy for her recent insane spending.

the name of the Elisabetta Gregoracchi He is often the center of attention and this is above all for his private life. Her marriage to a businessman Flavio Briatore It is still being discussed even though the two have been separated for several years now.

After their divorce, they often argued over each other alleged convergenceTo check the so-called maintenance log, and finally because A potential contract the two could have entered into after the decision to leave.

It is now adding to these items New controversy The broadcaster’s championship, this time because of her The latest spending spree But let’s see what he bought and how much he spent.

Elisabetta Gregoracci, her outfit amazes everyone: the latest controversy

a few days ago Gregorachi He ended up in the eye of the storm because of the outfit chosen for the first taped episode of Live beats. On this occasion, the presenter wore a particularly short dress but above all with transparent veils, which, according to the audience, left no room for imagination. However, her recent outfit has sparked a second controversy.

But this time, we’re talking about a completely different event with a charitable purpose. there Gregorachi In fact, he participated in the event he organized Gentlemen In association with the weekly from With the aim of helping the flooded population of Emilia-Romagna. The dress in which the presenter presented herself drew attention, and this is because Amazing price.

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Elisabetta Gregoraci, Latest Title: A Trauma Account

How to highlight profile People LuxuryOn the occasion of the thousandth social event in which she participated as a heroine, the well-known presenter decided to wear a dress that made everyone speechless. In detail it is about An all-white dress, with a plunging neckline and some silver rhinestone embellishments added. Only the dress in question is for him The price is about 3 thousand euros to which the cost of accessories is added.

Details did not go unnoticed, as usual divided public opinion. On the one hand, there are those who did not appreciate the insane spending of the presenter, also considering the context. On the other hand, those who asserted how Gregoracci could finally do as she pleased with her money.

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