Alfa Romeo: That’s why Learned refused to agree with Haas to stay in Formula 1

Alfa Romeo: That’s why Learned refused to agree with Haas to stay in Formula 1

Alfa Romeo Confirming her direction in motorsport, she makes the decision not to sponsor a Formula 1 team as she had done previously Sauber. CEO of the Italian brand, learn jean philippe, He stated that the agreement with the Ferrari customer team, HaasIt didn’t last. As a result, Alfa Romeo now heads to the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Jean-Philipprendetto has explained why Alfa Romeo decided not to stay in Formula 1 with Haas

Speaking to the French newspaper Ouest-France, Jean-Philippe Bernedetto said that he rejected the offer to cooperate with Haas. He explained: “Do we really want to repeat a deal similar to the one with Sauber, where we sponsor a team but at double the price? No, because it would not have brought innovation, and I would rather invest the available funds in developing our products. Supporting another team with the same dynamic did not make any sense for me.” for us.”

Given the previous statements of Alfa Romeo CEO, in the absence of an agreement in Formula 1, the brand could move towards WEC. However, this choice will not only be about sponsorship: “If we do it, it will not be just support, it will be direct involvement and, moreover, it will be a long-term commitment. “It will not be less than three seasons, with one or two preparations.” The first figure came from the Biscione automobile manufacturer.

Despite the desire to keep Alfa Romeo in the world of motorsport, Learnato warns that comprehensive financial evaluations are needed before taking this direction. This is especially important because the company does not want to take risks that could put it back in unfavorable financial positions. According to him, the costs associated with the sports initiative can rise to levels similar to the costs of the initiative 2015, But he confirms that he really wants to develop a sports project. “We are working intensively to find the right solution. Once we have a working program, we will be ready to announce it.” So we will see what news arrives in this regard over the next few months.

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