His song “Put…” changed its title – Corriere.it

His song “Put…” changed its title – Corriere.it
to Maria Egesia Fiachetti and Maria Volpe

Amadeus, along with Gianni Morandi, hosted the evening (with a reminder from Siniša Mihajlović) who decided that six young players (out of 12) will compete on February 7, 2023. The winner is Gianmaria. The 22 big names broadcast their song titles at the festival

right Now San Remo Festival He’s nearby, and Amadeus drips fresh news from time to time. Friday, from Casino Theatre San Remo, and led the evening that determined the six young winners who will participate directly in the singing festival that will begin on Tuesday, February 7, 2023. In addition to the six young winners, Amadeus revealed on Friday evening the titles of the songs in the competition. All 22 big names were in attendance, thus relaying their song. in yellow. Madame’s song should have been titled “Putana”, as confirmed in the interview that the artist was given a letora (Corriere inclusion) on newsstands on Sunday. However, at the time of the announcement on the stage, the lady said: “Good is in evil.”. Address change quickly? Who is Madame herself? Or did someone force her to do it in order to get on stage? Did they want to avoid controversy? Did the senior management of Rai impose this choice? The reasons are not known at the moment, and there is a maximum confidentiality of the reasons. Nobody confirms or denies. According to tradition, the Sanremo Festival raises the first controversy even before it begins.

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Madame – pseudonym of Francesca Calero, born in Vicenza, January 16, 2002 – singer, songwriter and rapper She became famous in 2018 thanks to the song “Sciccherie”. Then he participated in the competition at the Sanremo Festival 2021 with the victory “Voce”, and won the Lunezia Prize for Sanremo for musical and literary quality. Madame had already made headlines, declaring that she was bisexual, and attracted to both women and men. A year ago on Instagram she was seen kissing a girl, but the lady was quick to clarify that it wasn’t her friend: «It’s my job, everything you see is shareable material on social media: friendships, trips I take, things I find. But everything about my private life is something special. It won’t be yours because it’s mine, it’s my heritage.”

At Midnight the Forty Judgments: Great Fear for the Twelve Youths. Only six of them will go to Sanremo. The winner of the Sanremo Giovanni Award 2022 was Gianmaria with the song “The City You Hate”. The six who have passed and will perform at the festival in large volumes are: Shari (she will sing «Egoista»); Colla Zio (“I Don’t Like It”); Gianmaria (“The Beast”); Sethu (“The Lost Reasons”); woe (“stupid”); Oli (“dust”).

The Sanremo evening opened with the calmness of Amadeus and Gianni Morandi: they were truly saddened by the news of the death of the great Sinisa Mihailović. “As a coach, he invested a lot in youth,” Amadeus said, showing a clip with the participation of the coach at the Sanremo Festival, as he sings with Ibra, Fiorello, and Amadeus. An unexpected farewell because the warrior has deluded us that he can win his battle against leukemia. A poignant and poignant moment.

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Then the procession of artists who gave the titles of their songs began. starts with an artist from 53 platinum, the lastwho will sing «alba»; Next Tanani Who will suggest «Tango». he arrives Madam Who announces the song “Good in Evil” Sanremo, then the competition begins between very excited young people: there are twelve of them. Six of them will perform at the Sanremo Festival, and the other six will try again. New Senior, Great Artist, Highly Award Winning: Georgia Which shows the son’s tweet, who wrote: “Mom, I don’t support you, I’m with Laza.” Then its title: “Bad Words”. Follow Mr. Ryan who sings “Superheroes”; while beautiful Alodice He will suggest “two” e Gianluca Grignani “When you breathe.” The race is still among the young. he arrives Marco Mengoni, which slips off time after time; He will sing in February with “Hayatan”. Then wait impatiently Anna Oksa (14th Sanremo Festival active) Blonde, blonde, will sing «Sally (Canto delanima)». he arrives pleasure loved by children, who will suggest «Cenere»; And the Mara Sati : His article is titled: «Duemelaminuti». I also come back fashion who sings “Let Me Go”; While Paula and Claire They will suggest “anger”. the couple Colapis de MartinoWho presented the Ariston dance, will present “Splash”, while Leo Gassman – who participated in the 2020 Sanremo Festival in the New Performances category, winning the song “Vai bene così” – will sing “Terzo cuore”. Article 31, or J-Axe and DJ Jad, will perform “Un bel viaggio”. Aries will sing “The Sea of ​​Troubles”; While the never-forgotten Cugini di Campagna has a piece entitled «Lettera 22». Levante will propose “Vivo” and Coma-Cose will propose “L’addio”. LDA (stage name Luca D’Alessio, son of Gigi) also arrives, a humble boy who will sing “Then Then Tomorrow”; And finally – the last big name on the podium – Rosa Chemical with the song “Made in Italy”.

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