Harry gets distracted and loses at polo

Harry gets distracted and loses at polo

Meghan Markle Harry is back joking at the polo field and opts for a sexy look with a revealing super short shorts Perfect legs. She probably dared too much, distracting her husband, who lost the match. Although he is not the only one who is overpowered by her beauty.

Meghan Markle, the queen of polo

Right after the Queen’s Jubilee, Harry resumed the polo tournament but it was The protagonist of the catastrophic fall And his team lost. Meghan was not around but the prince found solace from some friends. Given the precedents, Lady Markle decided to accompany her husband, ready to support him in any way the game went.

Meetings at the Polo Club are always magical events, a time to entertain relationships with those who matter and to be seen in public. A few weeks ago, Megan made us happy with Polka dots suit was very reminiscent of Pretty Woman. This time she definitely changed her style, preferring more comfortable but no less interesting clothes.

Meghan Markle, jeans, screaming

Markle appeared with her The total denim look, which has always been his passion. This is a long-sleeved shirt worn with pleated shorts and above-the-knee shorts. The shorts are signed by Doen, a brand loved by celebrities like Nicky Hilton and Emma Roberts. The model is called Len, it has a high and trapezoidal waist with pockets applied. cost? 140.75 €. Megan pairs them up very flat sandalswhich she could not have worn as an actress for the crown, maxi sunglasses and a blue jacket draped over her shoulders.

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Meghan Markle, distracting and comforting Harry

Despite the heat, Meg wears her long hair over her shoulders. Find some refreshment with a cold drink, maybe a lemonade. He spends his time chatting with acquaintances and checking his cell phone, perhaps watching the babysitter and finding some moments to console Harry over his defeat. Ms. Markle finds the time to exchange a few words and pats her on the back, in a gesture that seems very discreet, not to mentionA hug is more than warmto me Nacho FiguerasHe is a close friend of the Prince and the founder of his polo team Harry.

Although there is a meg Did not save the status Harry’s team, Los Padres, were defeated again, losing their chance to secure a place in the Pacific Cup Final between the rings. So no kissing on the podium this time.

Despite the bad outcome, Harry’s closest friends declare that he is finally happy in America to have found after him. The possibility of playing polo as a professional gives him great satisfaction and somehow allows him to tap into a passion belonging to his past life.

Meanwhile, while Harry and Meghan spend their weekends at the polo club, details emerge from Britain about Tensions never subside between Prince and William. One of the latter’s friends has in fact revealed that he is still “under” due to the complete breakdown of relations with his brother, a seemingly incurable fracture.

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