Lose weight in a week to get a flat stomach

Lose weight in a week to get a flat stomach

Rice diet It allows you to lose weight quickly thanks to the well-known properties of this food, which is always present in the most popular menus and in any type of diet. With summer approaching, slimming plans that have short-term results are in high demand. Ideas to help us a Lose weight in a few days But, yes, with the occasional sacrifice.

One of those “miracle” diets is the rice diet, which is used to lose weight in a short time and show a flat stomach. In fact, by eating rice for 8 days we can lose 3 to 4 kilograms. In this body system It releases excess salt and water and removes toxins, while benefiting from fibre From this food to normalize digestion, improve intestinal transit and accelerate metabolism. In addition, rice is very filling So we will need to eat smaller quantities to feel full.

Rice is one Much-loved food, that isEven outside of diets, it has very beneficial properties, but when talking about its properties when losing weight, it is a detoxifying food, perfect to help you with a detox diet, especially when you need to replenish. Brown rice, for example, is very rich in fibre, aids digestion and is, in particular, an excellent ally against constipation. However, boiled white rice is very effective against diarrhea thanks to the large amount of starch it contains.

Rice proteins are low in toxins and gluten, making it an ideal food for people with celiac disease as well as those who want to follow a gluten-free diet. On the other hand, red rice and black rice are known to be allies against high blood pressure, and help regulate blood pressure and fight high cholesterol. It helps digestion and is also an ally against cholesterol. It also has a strong purifying effect. All these properties make rice an essential ingredient in any diet.

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Two stages

This diet is divided into two stages. The first of them is very restrictive and includes a detoxification phase. It requires a very low calorie consumption and allows a very small amount of food. You can just add some fruits and vegetables and include rice in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The second stage is more flexible, it allows for this Provide more food and go for white meat or fish, in addition to legumes and a larger number of vegetables.

The purpose of the rice diet during The first three days are detoxification, purification and drainage. This is why it is recommended to eat only rice, preferably whole grains due to their fiber content, which can be replaced from time to time with grains. After that, your diet consists of a breakfast containing rice milk and three rice pancakes with 100% fruit jam. For breakfast, only fruit. In this sense, it is recommended to choose those that are more diuretic, such as watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, oranges, strawberries and pears, and drink bet on water and green tea.

When it's time to eat, the perfect solution is a bowl of rice Boiled whole grains with boiled vegetables and fresh cheese. In the middle of the afternoon we can eat some fruit again, while at night the suggestion is a risotto with mushrooms.

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Once the most restrictive stage is overcome, It's time to introduce white meat or fish gradually And vegetables as the days go by. Results are guaranteed, the diet is successful because you will achieve a flat stomach or overall weight loss, and you will also notice a greater feeling of lightness and less fatigue.

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