Barry, Rendezvous with Science: Second Edition of Care in the East, Boolean Excellence Award

Barry, Rendezvous with Science: Second Edition of Care in the East, Boolean Excellence Award

The event will take place on Monday 26 June starting at 16.30 in the Panoramic Hall of the Cruise Terminal in the Port of Bari with institutional greetings of the Governor of the Republic Antonella Bellomo, Antonio Decaro Mayor of Bari, Ugo Patroni Griffe President of the Bari Port Authority – Pate and Antonio Perugini President of “Welfare a Levante”, It is a trade association of more than a hundred associated health and social facilities as well as the organizer of the award.

This second edition stems from the success of the previous edition and the need to affirm and reinforce the foundational values ​​upon which this project is based, aiming to uphold the uniqueness of internationally recognized police excellence.

The prize consists of an exclusive photographic work by the artist Regina Foresta and a cash donation allocated by the winner to social works, and is awarded annually to a personality – Italian or foreign – who has made a significant contribution in terms of skills, philanthropy, training, respect for the environment, scientific research, science, voluntary work, and political-institutional , cultural, artistic, ethical, communication, technological, entrepreneurial, academic development, in the health or social services sector.

For the 2023 edition, the Scientific Committee together with the Board of Directors of the organizing association “Welfare a Levante” operating in Puglia in support of several structures in the RSA sector and day centers unanimously decided to award the professor recognition for scientific merit. Mattia Gentile, Puglia Excellence in Genomics and Director of the Genomics Laboratory at the Venus Hospital in Bari.

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During the ceremony, according to the will expressed by the winner of the prize, the monetary donation will be allocated to the Parish of the Nativity of Our Lord in the S. Pio district of Bari.

“After last year’s award to Professor Luisa Turci from Bari – comments Antonio Perugini, President of ‘Welfare a Levante’ – we wanted to solidify the idea of ​​becoming promoters of a social project in order to support the humanistic and scientific qualities of a doctor and a working group whose research studies have been recognized by international scientific journals. We are certain that the aim of the award will be implemented again this year by the national government and regional institutions as a useful exercise for the cultural and ethical unification of the best professionals who, with their commitment, provide citizens with concrete answers to social and health needs in particular.”

Professor Mattia Gentile has thirty years of experience in medical genetics, with a special interest in genetics/genomics, prenatal diagnosis and mental retardation. He is Director of the Clinical Genetics Laboratory, Hospital de Venieres, ASL BARI (2004) and Professor of Clinical Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bari, Italy (1992). He worked as a consultant in medical genetics at the following national research institutes: IRCCS de Bellis, Castellana Grotte (BA), IRCCS Oncologico, Bari, Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Rome.

Thanks to the research work of Professor Mattia Gentile, current news rewards Puglia as the most interested and proactive Italian region in terms of diagnosing rare genetic diseases through genetic mapping.

The case of a newborn just 15 days old who was diagnosed, in just four days, with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome type 13, a more than rare disease, 50 cases documented worldwide, shows how thanks to medical genetics we are already in the future.

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The scientific and medical team directed by Professor Gentile performs newborn screening to determine Sma, 26,000 tests were carried out, so in the past year all newborns in Puglia were examined, three carriers were identified, and they immediately underwent gene therapy with distinction. results.

The Esoma project, at the center of the regional political debate with the bill promoted by Chancellor Fabiano Amati and unanimously approved by the Regional Council “Genoma-Puglia Research Program for Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Diseases on a Genetic Basis” manages to diagnose more than 85% of rare and non-rare diseases rare on a genetic basis, within a completely free and codified specialized course.

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