Loreen is the winner of Eurovision 2023 for Sweden

Loreen is the winner of Eurovision 2023 for Sweden

Liverpool – LaurenBorn in Sweden in 1983 to Moroccan Berber parents, an irreducible human rights and civil rights activist, proudly bisexual who actually sang and embodied the modern Joan of Arc, presenting herself on stage as Lara Croft, between ABBA and Lady Gaga: sharp voice, ascetic First, then Amazon in flesh-colored clothing, between two narrow levels of life. his song tattoos He goes “Stuck on me like a tattoo, hoooooooooo!”. It is also the inevitable influence on the listeners and above all on the judges who elect her queen. “I am very happy,” the Swede commented, repeating the success of 2012 trance.


So Lorraine won the 67th edition of Eurovision in Liverpool, rightfully so, with these very long nails, 583 points and a lot of fateful “douches” from the Nordic countries. The second Finland with the rapper in Green Bolero, Käärija, the other favorite, but by 57 points less final. Her muscular figure is irresistible, even enveloping Cha cha cha. The name Käärijä comes from the English word ‘wrap’, meaning to wrap, and is perfect for the pun with ‘wrap’. Twenty-nine years old, at the age of twenty, he had part of his intestines removed due to ulcerative colitis. Now, however, he has a lot of guts and his bravery Cha cha cha A great clansman, he pulled away from the home audience, whose votes amounted to 50%, as well as those of the jury members.

Finnish Kaarija (AFP) takes second place.

third Noah Kerell22, is an Israeli musical prodigy with a passion for pop music unicorn He depopulated it with the gesture of the mythical creature. A soldier for two years, she also made a division in the army, her relatives were killed at Auschwitz, Kirill lost a kidney a few years ago, and as a child she was so weak that a rabbi advised her to change the name from Noya to Noa (“Movement”) for good luck.

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Marco Mengoni (frame)

But the performance is still great Marco MengoniWonderful quarter. Gladiator in a tank top and silver sequins, is the only one of the participants to premiere on stage with a second flag, LGBTQ+ one for LGBT rights, plus an Italian flag. Mengoni collects the Critics’ Award “Marcel Bezençon” (Composers category), and sings the enchanting aria two lives overwhelming intensity. At the end of the performance, his wrist quivers and he bows to the ground.

Mengoni, performing at Eurovision: “It’s going to be ‘dirty’, you have to live it, you don’t have to be perfect”

The audience is delirious, also because a few seconds before it’s the turn of another surprise: the Princess Kate Middleton Playing the piano during the performance of the title-bearing Ukrainian band, Kalush Orchestra. If this is not a political message. The organization denied the president Volodymyr Zelensky To speak, but at least the British government and the royal family had their say. While, in the same hours, Russia covertly bombed Ternopil, the city of two Ukrainian Tvorchy in the race: at least two were injured.

Peace instead in Liverpool. The sun has really come up, as the Beatles sang, since the morning, in the city that adopted the version instead of the doomed Ukraine. From 10am fans line up at the gates among the stunning piers and then party into the night, in a river of EU and UK flags. Imagine that Brexit never happened. instead of imagine sung by John Lennon of Italy Mahmoud: a little tense at first, in slow order, then cool.

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Special Guest Mahmoud at Eurovision: “Imagine a perfect piece, what else could I add?”

But no one will forget the most exciting moment of the evening. While Russia bombed Ternopil, all of Liverpool sang on and off the stage, you’ll never walk alone: legendary anthem Jerry and the pacemaker And the local soccer team in a sea of ​​blue and yellow flags and tears in the audience. Because you, Ukrainians, will never walk alone again.

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