Volkswagen, the electric station wagon has arrived: the technology of the future

Volkswagen, the electric station wagon has arrived: the technology of the future
Volkswagen ID.7 – (Source Volkswagen website)

The house of Wolfsburg is planning a great new version of a somewhat forgotten segment, making way for the new ID.7 station wagon

Volkswagen Electric Group makes way for a new entry. This time it is single station wagon Which promises to give the historic Passat a hard time. Someone thought that he could be his direct heir, but the Wolfsburg house thought about a privileged future for this newcomer A familiar variant of ID.7.

at the moment There are some spy photos of a forklift on the net It was seen in the German region of Kiev. The close relationship with ID.7 is evident from the first images, but with some elements borrowed from a concept Vizzion Space ID It was introduced in 2018 and has never been on the market.

there ID.7 Sedan He didn’t even have time to formally introduce it recently Shanghai Salon The new variant of the electric station wagon is already on German streets for the first tests. If the sedan version will be in dealerships at the end of this year, it’s for the new ID.7 familiarwhich may be called “space” or “variable”And We’ll have to wait a little longer.

It will be the electric variant of the Passat

The first electric station wagon that Volkswagen will market in Europe will play a leading role as it will create A new offering in the electric station wagon segment With the aim, however, not to cannibalize the new generation Volkswagen Passat Estate, for which an electric version is not expected. The role comes in handy specifically to the new ID.7 wagon.

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The car will be built on it MEB’s proprietary platform For the new generation of electric cars, but it clearly differs from the sister sedan version for some details, especially with regard to Boot space and space for rear passengers. It will be equipped with one 91 kWh lithium-ion battery and 82 kWh auxiliary battery.

The new Volkswagen ID.7 station wagon – (photo

Great autonomy and a new generation of high-performance engines

From the first rumors we know that The car will be powered by a new generation electric motor called the AP550 able to deliver force 210 kW (286 hp) and push the new “alternative” ID.7 up to 700 km With only one full of electrons. Recharging should significantly shorten downtime on the shaft thanks to the maximum supported power of 200 kW.

If you’re wondering how long we’ll have to wait until the electric car debuts in the id range, the answer is: faster than you think. As can be seen from the photos, the development of the ID.7 station wagon is in an advanced stage and will make its victorious entry into the electric Volkswagen Group during the first half of 2024, Its release alternated with the first sales of the ID.7 sedan at dealerships.

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