Atalanta Naples: Spalletti Conference

Atalanta Naples: Spalletti Conference

Naples: Spalletti Conference

“Tomorrow the stakes are many, they have good players who make an excellent team and it will take realizing that they are strong even if we leave Anfield with such certainty. What we always say, quality and physical strength will be needed, it was built right and then there is Gasp who is a veteran. in dealing with the terrible.”

Spalletti on the World Cup break

“I don’t see anything, we all have to get through it, someone has another player and then they are evaluated if they don’t play high level matches, the case of some dips while those who go there are going to play, however, they will have a bigger player fatigue. Individual assessments will be done. From one point of view, we are not afraid of that period, we have a healthy team, players who know how to manage themselves and know how to set professional quality. To be 100% professional, you need the right behavior even off the field and we have players trained for themselves.”

Spalletti in Atlanta

“We all look at the numbers, maybe he needed this, he would have found corrections but I find it the same in terms of stubbornness, a team that is ready for self-confrontation because they have centimeters, hit, quality. We have to be at that level there if we want to have it. important ambitions.

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