Long reconstruction for the victims of the German floods of the “century”

We must hurry and we must be fast in the fight against climate change, After inspecting the devastated Schultz village in the Rhineland-Palatinate, assessed the Chancellor during an exchange with journalists and the public.

He believes the damage was caused by extreme weather events More important than the past.

While the trend in the most affected area is declining, the situation on the border between Germany and Austria is deteriorating further south.

Local police said overnight from Saturday to Sunday that one person had died on the German side as floodwaters were reported due to heavy localized rain.

A Project disaster The German district of Berchteskaden was notified and several hundred firefighters were stopped.

In Austria, the old town of Hall is flooded and firefighters in the Salzburg and Tyrol areas are on high alert.

On the eastern border of the country, between Germany and the Czech Republic, rivers overflowed in the Saxony region on Saturday evening, causing damage.

Emergency assistance to disaster victims

The death toll in Germany is 156 and dozens of survivors are being sought, and the leader has promised government assistance for reconstruction.

This is a dream and ghost situation, I would almost say that the German language struggles to find words to describe the catastrophe, After inspecting one of the affected villages, told the principal during a press conference.

The federal government and the regions will work together to restore order In areas of disaster, he promised.

Deputy Finance Minister Olaf Scholes has announced that he will adopt emergency aid for victims in the cabinet from next week.

The Minister of Social Democracy (SPD) told the newspaper that it should be at least 300 million euros (446 million Canadian dollars). Sunday film, Also promised to establish a multi-billion euro extensive reconstruction plan.

Despite this bad weather, the EU has reaffirmed its support, which has affected the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Europeans we are with you in this difficult time, European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen, 27, died during a visit to Belgium on Saturday.

Tens of thousands of Germans have been affected by the destruction of their homes or by cuts in electricity, gas or telephone connections. Ruined roads, sunken bridges and cities are not mentioned beneath the rubble.

“It’s like war”

This is the biggest natural disaster in the recent history of the country.

Merchants, cars have been blown up, trees have been uprooted and houses have been demolished. We have been living here for over 20 years and we have never experienced anything like this, Said 65-year-old AFP Hans-Dieter Wrangan, who lives in the village of Schultz, visited by Angela Merkel

It’s like war, He compiles.

In the Rhineland-Palatinate, the only regional state, the number of policemen corrected upwards on Sunday morning, killing 110 people.

The floods in Germany took a political turn two months before the general election, after which Angela Merkel will step down.

Every candidate is competing for plans to strengthen the fight against global warming, which is the reason for many experts on flooding.

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But his favorite to win the presidency, the Conservative Armin Lacet, damaged his image by being filmed on Saturday. Laughing When the head of state pays tribute to the victims of the floods.

Politicians meet flood victims

Angela Merkel’s next favorite German candidate has apologized for smiling during her trip to areas devastated by the weather.

Photo: AFP / Sébastien Bozon

Lacet laughs as the country suffers, Writes Picture, The most widely read newspaper in Germany.

The images went viral and national outrage forced him to apologize.

He is also the head of North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the two worst-affected regions. The controversy is even more important because of the lashing.

In all affected areas, firefighters, civil defense, municipal officials and soldiers have begun massive work to remove and clean up piles of mud that often block the streets.

More than 22,000 rescuers are working hard.

This is a horror scene, Comments Michael Cossidores is watching the damage in the catastrophic Bad Nunehr-Ahreweiler.

House cellars and car wrecks are being inspected one by one to find any corpses in Germany and Belgium.

Tuesday is declared National Day of Mourning in Belgium.

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