Bolzano may leave the hospital on Sunday

Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro, who has been hospitalized in Sao Paulo since Wednesday due to a bowel obstruction, is recovering well and could be released from hospital on Sunday, his doctor said on Saturday.

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“Forecast tomorrow [dimanche] He has to come out, ”D told reporters.r Antonio Macedo, the surgeon who led the team of doctors who treated the Brazilian president at the Vila Nova Star Private Hospital in Sao Paulo.

“Today [samedi], He had a cream-based meal without fermentation. If he digests it well, the medical team will be able to determine his discharge in the coming days, ”said Mr Bolsanaro, 66, in a health report.

“Well thank God,” Jair Bolzano said in a video conference, adding that he expects to “get back to work”.

Since being stabbed in September 2018, during the presidential election campaign, Mr. Bolzano performed six surgeries, including five on the digestive system.

He was rushed to Armed Forces Hospital in Brasilia from Tuesday to Wednesday due to severe abdominal pain and hiccups that lasted more than ten days.

The far-right leader was later placed in an intensive care unit and “entered as a precaution,” one of his sons, Senator Flavio Bolzano, pointed out on the radio.

After being diagnosed with intestinal obstruction, the Brazilian president was transferred to the Vila Nova Store, a private hospital in Sao Paulo.

This new hospital comes amid a political crisis and the erosion of the Brazilian president’s reputation as he faces corruption allegations in contracts his government negotiated to manage the epidemic, which has already killed nearly 540,000 people in the country.

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