“He’s always right! It’s just one thing wrong”

“He’s always right! It’s just one thing wrong”

Aurelio’s last words De Laurentiis On the future of Kaleido Coulibaly and dry Mertens lovers Naples. Severe criticism spread on social media against the blue sponsor who compareddespicable moneyTo the love of the city of Naples and the blue jersey, speaking of the renewal of the two leaders.


Alvino defends De Laurentiis: the words

To Kiss Kiss Radio Microphones, Naples, Carlo Alvin Talk about the harsh criticism raining down on Aurelio De Laurentiis by many fans subordinate Naples.

De Laurentiis’ statements have been dissected and criticized a lot in the past period. Sometimes the form is wrong, or too rude, that’s right. But he was never wrong with the content. He always spoke frankly. We cannot discuss one thing: the content of the president’s speeches is final, as if it were the Supreme Court.”

Criticisms of the Laurentis?I find it boring to focus only on the boss. Football team analyzes should also be performed on the players. We take this drift in the constant attacks, even for free, on De Laurentiis, from which he refrains: always talking about De Laurentiis does not excite me“.

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