Thaw on renovation with Fabian Ruiz, Kepa is very close

Thaw on renovation with Fabian Ruiz, Kepa is very close

Merritt’s situation is complicated by Spalletti’s attack of pressure to own Raspadori

Hot days for the market Naples. club De Laurentiis In fact, it is active on several fronts. As for the goalkeeper, the situation is not yet resolved, but he begins to define himself better. with Merritt In the balance between extension and farewell, Kepa is the profile on the pole for the starting role. At the moment, in fact, the hypothesis Keylor Navas Still standing, but the Basque goalkeeper is very close to the Azzurri. A situation that needs to be resolved soon by clarifying and possibly editing hierarchies between publications Merrittin which Spalletti spared no criticism and punches, for which there will also be interest Lister And the Turin.

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But at Castel Volturno, not only the goalkeeper issue is at stake. Important news, in fact, is also recorded on the front Fabian Ruiz. In the last few hours there will be some kind of Thaw the ice between the Spaniard and the executives upon contract renewal. After not agreeing in recent days with the player’s entourage expiring in June, Napoli will be ready to draft a new offer, possibly with Edit the link and insert a rather low edit conditionabout 25/30 million to close the release and avoid losing the player to zero within a few months.

chapter finally raspaduri. Spalletti pushes for the black and green exterior in pink and Napoli may not wait for the potential sale Zelensky before launching the attack. According to Corriere dello Sport, the blue club has already reached an agreement with the striker on the basis of a five-year contract worth 2.5 million per season. But Sassuolo at least asks 35 million player card. The form that AdL can propose Postponement, as Juventus did with Locatelli. An idea that the two sides will discuss again in the coming days with a view to making a quick decision.

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