Abandoned by the government no one tells me anything

Speaking to Fanpage.it, Veronica de Nieto’s father said: “I was completely ignored by the United States and Italy.”

Veronica de Nieto Killed in his apartment San Francisco Last January. She died of old age 34 years, After she left United States Four years ago. There he met his comrade. He certainly killed her, but he managed to escape to Mexico. That person will have a millionaire reward, but for months the 34-year-old family in Latina had no news of the status of the investigation.

Veronica’s father to Fanpage.it: “Government left alone”

For microphones Fanpage.it Veronica’s father said: “I was completely ignored by both the United States and Italy. What hurts me is that my daughter is an Italian woman and the government has done nothing to get her justice. The authorities have to come. I have nothing to replace. We had to go hear the news. We’re completely mad. “

Attorney: “We do not know where the trial is.”

The killer slit the girl’s throat, left Veronica’s apartment, went to the gas station to refuel, and set fire to the entire building. Renato Yedra Briseno is wanted for the murder of a 34-year-old Italian man. However, according to the latest news, he was able to escape to Mexico. He was rewarded with nearly $ 10 million. “We have no other information. The United States tells us: ‘We are investigating.’ But we really do not know anything. It’s been about 10 months since Veronica’s death and we still do not know anything,” the company’s lawyer said. De Nieto family, Valerio Masci.

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