Ferrari, 2024 starts on the rise: FIA backs Honda and Mercedes

Ferrari, 2024 starts on the rise: FIA backs Honda and Mercedes

The FIA's decision to reduce the number of power units in 2024 could penalize Ferrari in favor of Honda and Mercedes.

In recent days, the Federation has officially announced all the organizational changes that we will see in the coming year. Among these options No extension extension Teams use four engines during the season. However, the FIA ​​may not be behind this decision. In fact, it appears that the signal came from honda and mercedes, Try to try Ferrari's situation is in difficulty In 2024.

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Two Ferraris on the track – Credits: Scuderia Ferrari

“War” of power units

This year the calendar will move from 22 to 24 races. The six Sprint Races will also remain but how many Power unit Available for each team It will be reduced from four to three. So each engine will have to travel 8 races. It's about a Absolute novelty For teams. This is according to what was reported by It could have been Mercedes and Honda that pushed for this decision. In fact, the two engine engineers know that they can put Ferrari and Alpine in a difficult position from one point of view Of reliability Of engines.

The Rossa currently appears to have one engine The useful life is about 6000 km. However, around 7,500 cars will be needed to finish the season with just three engines. However, in Maranello, they do not seem willing to work on improving the reliability of the current engine. This is true It will take some time away from developing the 2026 engine. So Ferrari will likely remain on plan for the 2024 championship set Four power units are available. So Cavallino's team could prefer to take a penalty instead Risk fractions If it's better.

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Of course, it won't be just Ferrari that will be affected. Reducing the number of engines will force all engine engineers to do so Review your strategies. Everyone knows the capabilities of its engines, given that they will be identical to the engines of 2023, and therefore They know how far they can go.

So we'll see if Honda and Mercedes move It will force other motorists to change their plans. Teams are already looking at regulations for 2026. Development of power units It will be decisive To try to start a winning cycle. Precisely for this reason, teams now want as few distractions as possible. They are also willing to Sacrifice something now Only to be ready in two years.

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