Greece Rally, Neuville is in the lead but Ogier is still lurking. Rovanpera resists

The Belgian from Hyundai, despite his rear axle problems, leads the standings at the end of the second day ahead of the Frenchman from Toyota, who is very close. Finn still has a chance too

Intense Friday on dirt roads Acropolis Rally. Five unaided special tests put the crew to the test as they tried to control the tires without causing massive damage to the cars. Thierry Nouvel He finished the day second on Greek soil driving despite having a problem with the rear of his car Hyundai i20. Eight-time world champion Sebastien Ogier The Belgian keeps his sights, leading the trio Toyota Yaris formed with Kali Rovanpera And Elvin Evans.

Ford’s nightmare

Neuville starts strong right away by winning the first special on Friday. Evans loses ground with a loose wheel, but things are worse for the M Sport team. Loubet ends up out of action during the transfer stretch towards the opening test due to suspected engine problems. The chronic fragility of the Ford Puma, which will also affect Tänak’s car after SS3. The Estonian was able to fix the car in the tire fitting area, but was subjected to a penalty of 3 minutes and 40 seconds for delaying the time control. Kalle Rovanpera defended himself better in the morning tests, but his role as lead punished him in the afternoon specials, where he cost about twenty seconds to the best.

Nouvelle Ogier

Neuville and Ogier are competing for the race lead. The Belgian guessed the tire strategy in Special 5, while in the final test of the day his speed was slowed by a problem at the rear of the i20. Ogier finished the race on Friday, less than 3 seconds behind his rival. Damage to the radiator dropped Lappi’s Hyundai to fifth, resulting in Evans’ Toyota being promoted. An open challenge between the Welshman and Rovanpera for the podium, an important struggle also in terms of the World Championship. Sixth place for the Katsuta Yaris, in front of the Hyundai Sordo. The Spaniard had a mistake in the SS6 that cost about 20 seconds and two places.

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wrc2, russell manual

Three holes in the first three tests knocked Skoda Mikkelsen, one of the day’s favourites, out of the standings. Solberg’s Fabia was also out of commission due to a damaged fuel pump. Morning leader Fourmaux (Ford) lost nearly two minutes while replacing a flat tire. Nikolay Gryazin (Skoda) is the best in the Rally2 category, but the Russian did not enter the drivers’ race in WRC 2. Thus, Johan Roessell (Citroen) leads the classification, 7 seconds ahead of Greensmith (Skoda) and Polasia (Skoda).


This is the Acropolis Rally standings after the second day:

1. Nouvelle (Hyundai) 55’10″4

2. Ogier (Toyota) +2.8 seconds

3. Rovanpera (Toyota) +25.5 seconds

4. Evans (Toyota) +31.0sec

5. Lapland (Hyundai) +32.1 seconds

6. Katsuta (Toyota) +41.7 seconds

7. Deaf (Hyundai) +48.6 seconds

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