Avv. Grassani on Juventus-Napoli: “0-3 is on the table because the hypothesis offends the intelligence”

Avv.  Grassani on Juventus-Napoli: “0-3 is on the table because the hypothesis offends the intelligence”

to Radio Mars speak today Mattia Grassanilawyer and expert in sports law, often on the side of Napoli: “I do not want to interfere with the activity of such an essential body as the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and I respect it even if I do not agree with the decisions taken in the current line of investigation. This kind of interference in the home of others I do not want to do The Prosecutor spoke with the referral. As an advocate for the SSC Napoli, President De Laurentiis and Dr. Canon, I say this referral has rained like a thunderbolt out of the blue, we have spoken and shown all about the absolute respect for protocols. Unexpected. It is clear that both Dr. Cannon and society, as an organization, interact and interact through non-participation, and a willingness to defend themselves before the Federal Court. We thought that our arguments could lead to archiving, but that did not happen and we admit however, We’re very calm about the business, our cards are in hand, we’ll be able to show that in federal court.”

Risks: “We can address all kinds of issues over the course of the tournament, including statements and behaviors. But referral is a topic of absolute importance. Therefore, the attention that should be asked of everyone is the utmost. It is one thing that should have been pointed out to you because you weren’t You have a link or because you crossed in a comment against a colleague, manager or referee Another thing to read is that the president, the director of health and the company did not respect the protocols when you set the same protocols what he said before. Football Napoli did exactly what they expected. Dangers for De Laurentiis, Canoneco and Napoli? 0-3 is on the table as a hypothesis that offends intelligence, that match was largely approved by the sports judge and was not claimed by Juventus. The Public Prosecutor’s Office would have to submit its resignation requests for penalties. There was no wrongful conduct.”

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