The most beautiful cat breeds in the world according to science

Beauty is a very relative and subjective aspect. But science still manages to give it a mathematical scale that ranks beauty. Discover the most beautiful breeds of cats.

Cats have a very special emotional place in our hearts! Like children, cats are all cute, without exception, and as they grow up, their bodies change, which does not make them any less attractive.

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The International Cat Federation lists about 46 cat breeds in the world and not all of them are aesthetically pleasing by nature. Between silky cats and cats that are not (hello sphynx), skinny-bodied cats and those with little fat, there are many differences.

Russian blue

Obviously we can ask our mirror which is the most beautiful because beauty remains very subjective and relative. So what are the criteria by which we count beauty? What if we could actually measure it mathematically?

The most beautiful cat in the world…

Science naturally took this issue into account by creating the so-called golden ratio. It is a mathematical formula that is a ratio, initially defined in geometry as the unique ratio between two lengths. This means that it measures the physical symmetry of an element and that this golden ratio is close to Phi, i.e. 1.62.

It was these novels that made it possible to declare that Robert Pattinson was the most beautiful man in the world, Bella Hadid the most beautiful woman in the world and the Dalmatian the most beautiful dog.


And what about cats? What is the cat breed closest to this golden ratio? There are three who share the title of the most beautiful cat in the world: the Norwegian (1.65), the Russian Blue (1.65) and the German (1.59).

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Then we find Ragamuffin (1.67), Siberian (1.55), American Curl (1.56), Selkirk Rex (1.69), Siamese (1.55), Maine Coon (1.71) and Egyptian Mau (1.72). At the bottom of the ranking are the Persian, Peterbild and Himalayan, which are scientifically considered the ugliest cats in the world.

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