“I made a mistake, they were not good for Tottenham.”

“I made a mistake, they were not good for Tottenham.”

London (England) – Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte There were two errors: the word danielle levy, Shepherd Tottenham. Tottenham’s number one has received a lot of criticism in recent years for failing to replace that Mauricio Pochettino Which came one step away from filing a historic case Champions League.

Former technician Juventus The current coach of Rome There were two options to win again, but the board remained empty. He specifically asked about the past tottenham, Levy did not mention names with you And mourinho, But he explained the extent of the error in the team’s technical management choices in recent years. All until arrival Angie Postecoglou from Celtic: The coach gave a new lease of life to Tottenham despite the painful transfer ken, His team convinces the audience Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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Conte and Mourinho disappointed Tottenham

Back to Mo And with you, These are Levi’s words: “We went through a period where we were close to winning. We had some very good moments with Mauricio. We didn’t get to that point, but we got very close and we changed our strategy.” The strategy was to appoint a cup manager. We’ve done this twice, and you must learn from your mistakes. “They are excellent coaches, but maybe not for this club.”. After rejecting the “Cup Coaches”, Levi enjoys himself Postecoglou: “We want to play a certain way, and if that means it takes a little longer to win, then maybe that’s the right thing for us. That’s why from my point of view, signing Ange was the right decision. It was very easy, because Ange was “Team coach.” “He’s a regular guy and it was great to be able to have a conversation with him where we could talk about anything and he was so direct and honest. There was a lot of pressure on me to bring in someone who was a big name. I just wanted someone who understood our DNA, played attacking football, and gave the players Youth is an opportunity, believes in the youth system, builds a relationship with the fans and understands the resources we have and don’t have as a club and being part of a team. I have to say that Ang is a breath of fresh air.”

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