Live broadcast Atalanta Roma 1-0: Dybala enters, immediately a chance for Goya – – Latest news as Roma football – Interviews, photos and videos

Live broadcast Atalanta Roma 1-0: Dybala enters, immediately a chance for Goya – – Latest news as Roma football – Interviews, photos and videos

Mourinho’s team takes to the field in Bergamo to face Gasperini’s team. Both clubs are vying for a spot in Europe, with the Giallorossi currently in fourth place and the Goddess in seventh.

After an extraordinary 4-1 win over Feyenoord Made by the fly Rome In the semi-finals of European leaguea team Mourinho preparing to confrontAtlanta Seventh in the ranking. The Giallorossi is looking for the three points to reach Juventus In third place is stretch Milan. The two teams will take the field at 20:45 o’clock Joyce Stadium to Bergamo. Rome will have to deal with two heavy absences, those Smalling And Wijnaldum. Both players were injured on Thursday at the Olimpico against the Dutch (both suffered flexor injuries) and will not be present tonight. English will be replaced by Urente Who will take the field and take the flank in defence left-handed And Ibanez.

68 ‘

– April 24th

Immediately a chance for Goya. Sportello anticipates Abraham with his fists, and the ball reaches Dybala’s left foot who kicks with an emphatic, but not very accurate, kick. Maura Mehly

64 ‘

– April 24th

Four changes for Roma: Dybala, Matic, El Shaarawy, Spinazzola. Abroad: Solbakken, Bove, Zalewski and Mancini

60 ‘

– April 24th

The arrival of the first yellow card for Rome. Solbakken booked for a foul on Koopmeiners

54 ‘

– April 24th

Zapata does well with his body and Llorente kicks him out of the area. Free kick by Koopmeiners, the ball hit the barrier

– April 24th

The second half begins. No change to Rome

– April 24th

The first half of the game ends

45′ + 1′

– April 24th

Solbakken serves Abraham in the penalty area. The Englishman kicks with his right foot, but his shot goes high over the crossbar

45 ‘

– April 24th

Give yourself 4 minutes to recover

38 ‘

– April 24th

Atalanta goal. Ibrahim loses a poisonous ball in the middle of the field. Zapata runs down the left wing and positions himself in the middle for Pasalik. The only Croatian in the area with his left foot makes it 1-0

36 ‘

– April 24th

Zalewski tries to pass Zappacosta in the area and kicks with his right foot. His shot was deflected off a corner kick

32 ‘

– April 24th

Check out a possible penalty for Roma. Abraham has been touched by Toloi, but on a regular basis according to Irati and Farr

28 ‘

– April 24th

De Ron is the first yellow card in the match. The Dutchman ends up on the ‘bad guys’ list for fouling Pellegrini from behind


– April 24th

Ederson tries 20′. The former Salernitana passes Ibanez and enters the region. He tries to serve his team mate in the middle, but Llorente is good at getting ahead of everyone else

18 ‘

– April 24th

Try Pilgrims What you need in speed Silik. Fits bull Which tries to conclude, but is stopped by the Bergamo defense


– April 24th

other county l Joyce Stadium. Urente Stop Zapata on the band

5 ‘

– April 24th

Ibanez stops regularly Maehle He tried to restart. The Nerazzurri player is still on the ground.

2 ‘

– April 24th

Ugly Ugly Copminers on left-handed who stays on earth

– April 24th

The match between Atalanta Roma al Joyce Stadium Bergamo

Atalanta Roma, match report

Atlanta (3-4-1-2): Counter; Toloi, Djamsetti, Scalvini; Zappacosta, Deron, Ederson, Mehle; Copminers. Pasalek, Zapata. availableMusso, F Rossi, Demiral, Palomino, Bernasconi, Mohamtey, Soppi, Poga, Hooglund, Morel. trainer: gasperine.

Roma (3-4-2-1): Rui Patricio; Mancini (65′ Spinazzola), Ibanez, Llorente; Celik, Cristante, Bove (65′ Matic), Zalowski (El Shaarawy); Solbakken (65′ Dybala), Pellegrini; Ibrahim. availableSvilar, Boyer, Kumbula, Matic, Kamara, Derbo, Tahirovic, Spinazzola, Belotti, El Shaarawy, Dybala. trainerMourinho.

Signs: Pasalici 38 ‘(A)

Ammonite yourself: de Roon (a), Solbakken (right)

to rule: annoyed. assistantsBy: Bendoni Galletto. IV man: foxes. mouse: abyss. Avar: Aurelian

before the match

Rome loses Smalling And Winaldom against the Feyenoord. In defense there will be Llorente alongside left-handed And Ibanez. The Giallorossi are chasing the three points, and victory means securing third place and reaching Juventus with 59 points. Mourinho’s team, after a good qualification in the semi-finals of the European League, is waiting for weeks of fire, which is why the Portuguese coach can consider choosing a weighted turnover. Among the defendants are Sakin Spinazzola, Dybala, Matic and El Shaarawy.

Where do I see it

the challenge Atlanta And Rome It will be broadcast exclusively on the live stream from Dazen. To see it, you need to start the application on compatible Smart TVs or on a PC, smartphone or tablet. Alternatively you can use console like Play Station And X-Box or to a device like GoogleChromecast or AmazonfireTV sticks. The start of the match will be at 20.45, while the pre-match call will start at 20 with Sunday Night Square. Commentary is entrusted to Stephen BurgiTechnical commentary will be from Simon Terebucci. But in the post-match period, Francesco will also be there Totti in contact with Rome To comment on the game that just ended. Moreover, it is possible to follow the match with live news from and social updates on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Curiosity and precedent

The match that will take place tonight is the 136th between Rome And AtlantaThe balance sees the Giallorossi advance with 61 victories against 31 from the Nerazzurri. There are 43 draws, and this will be the third time Irrati has taken charge of a Bergamo match. In the previous two, it stands out 1-4 last season thanks to a brace Ibrahim and networks Zaniolo And Smalling. The other match ended 3-3 in April 2016, and he scored the final goal of the match Francesco Totti.

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