June 8, 2023

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Resident Evil 4 remake: The latest patch has eliminated a favorite cheat for fast runners

It looks like patch 1.05 out Resident Evil 4 remake Remove a detail mistakeswho came Fast runners take advantage of it To skip entire sections of the game, thus saving precious seconds and minutes.

In addition to fixing the texture and control issues on Xbox consoles that we discussed earlier, today’s update fixed a bug that allowed players Go through closed doors and walls using rifle scopes in certain areas.

This flaw was meticulously exploited by fast sprinters to reduce their times. For example, using this trick, it was possible to skip the boss’s fight with Bitores Mendez in the village or the entire section in the basement of the castle with the attachment of the battle with Garrador.

Activating the glitch in question was relatively simple, though not without fail. You had to stand with your back to the wall or to the door to pass and aim several times on the floor with the viewfinder. This caused Leon’s model to crack in the walls, allowing the player to pass through. In the video below you can see some examples:


It is now clear that it would be much more difficult, if not impossible, for racers to break previous records, but on the other hand, Capcom’s correction of this flaw was inevitable, since it remains a problem that can ruin the game. The player’s experience when It is activated by accident.

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