Ukrainian war, USA: “Soon Biden is in Kyiv”

Ukrainian war, USA: “Soon Biden is in Kyiv”

Before US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine, “it’s only a matter of time.” This was stated by the Chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff who explained on CNN the nearly three-hour discussion that members of the congressional delegation, Led by US House Speaker Nancy PelosiThey had a Sunday in Kyiv with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “I have to think the presidential visit is something under consideration, but just a question of when that would be possible,” Schiff said, noting that the delegation did not discuss the matter during a phone call with Biden on Sunday.

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Schiff said the meeting with Zelensky focused on his priorities for further assistance, especially now that the Ukrainians have entered a new phase of the war, with the fighting being more concentrated in the eastern part of the country. Schiff concluded that delegates then passed the information on to Biden, and made recommendations to the president.

Jill Biden in Romania and Slovakia starting Thursday Meanwhile, US First Lady Jill Biden will start on Thursday a five-day tour of Romania and Slovakia to meet with the US military and Washington embassy staff. On Friday, her office said, explaining that Jill Biden will meet Friday with the US military at the Mihail Kogalnicu Air Base in Romania, before heading to Bucharest to meet with Romanian government officials, US embassy staff, aid workers and teachers working with displaced Ukrainian children. .

Also, stops are scheduled in the Slovakian cities of Bratislava, Kosice and Vissen Nemeki, where Jill Biden will meet with government officials, refugees and aid workers, his office said. On Sunday, Mother’s Day, the first lady will instead meet with Ukrainian mothers and children forced to flee their homes by the war.

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