Margarida Masferrer is the new president of GOB Menorca

Margarida Masferrer is the new president of GOB Menorca

Margarida Masferrer has been appointed President of GOB Menorca, her successor Carlos Cole, after his nomination was unanimously voted on during the organization’s meeting held today, Wednesday.

Masferrer has been part of the Environmental Society as a board member for the past few years. By positive vote, Masferrer replaces A Carlos Cole, who served as president for six years.

With a Menorca mother, the new president of GOB Menorca spent her childhood summers in Menorca, where she later went on to practice medicine first as a family physician and after As a pediatrician

The meeting explained that the government recorded a total of 105 new memberships throughout 2023, meaning two weekly memberships. Likewise, the organization enjoys a “quite healthy” economy and ends the year with a total of 1,560 members, plus a large number of volunteers.

The challenges for ecologists for 2024 relate to addressing overpopulation in Menorca, difficulties related to the transparency of urban planning, water management and agricultural adaptation to climate change and the economic context, among other issues.

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