It’s called the Slob and it’s the 2023 cut that’s always curled up, even when it’s not

It’s called the Slob and it’s the 2023 cut that’s always curled up, even when it’s not
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Have you ever heard of Slob? Let’s find out about the most popular summer haircut.

With the arrival of spring and the hottest months of the year, more and more celebrities are choosing goddesses Softer, more elegant cut, also thanks to the increasingly hot temperatures. In fact, many of us are looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t make us sweat but is at the same time easy to make and flaunt.

Ergo the slob cut, which has become a favorite of many international superstars. Indeed, it is no coincidence that she has lost her position on social networks, where this revolutionary cut has already received millions of likes.

In fact, many users appreciate it simplicity And the fact that the use of certain products or tools isn’t necessary to get the sloppy cut. In fact, this summer, you can say goodbye to varnishes or hairstyles with extra details.

Instead, choose a cut that mirrors The most elegant and glamorous side, just as in the case of slash cutting. But what exactly are we referring to with this term? Read on to find out.

Discover the stylistic pieces

The Slob takes its cue from the traditional bob now worn by many well-known faces in show business. The main difference islack of seamsso it’s free of lopsided edges, face-framing threads, or whatever else the pros use to add texture.

Do you know the classic bowl cut? Here the look is very similar but unlike the latter, the Slob exudes elegance and softness comes to the chinIn addition to its smooth and wrinkle-free texture.

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Messy sloppy hair cut
Shaggy sloppy cut –

How to brag about the new story

The slob cut is perfect for anyone who loves a bob look but wants a more elegant and effortless look. In fact, it is precisely these characteristics that have made it so popular. Despite the apparent elegance and attention to detail, it’s actually very simple. Just go to your trusted hairdresser and Order a sleighNo layers and no strands to shape the face in the front part of the hair.

As for the hairstyle, straight hair is recommended Moisturizes the hair To eliminate frizz, then before you head out, add a little texturizing spray to revive the roots and you’re done. Alternatively, for those with wavy locks, cut a bob It will instantly give a more intense look. To get this look, simply straighten your hair for a sleeker look, or you can leave it curled while adding mousse to add volume.

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