Leak reveals previously free PS5 and PS4 games – Multiplayer.it

Leak reveals previously free PS5 and PS4 games – Multiplayer.it

There are still a few days left before the official announcement, but in the meantime, me Free PS5 and PS4 Games affiliate PlayStation Plus to February 2023 It appears to have been revealed through a leak, and given the reliability of the source, it’s definitely worth looking into.

So the list of games should be like this:

The source of the leak is again the usual Billbil-kun live on Twitter, the leaker turned practical contexts In recent years with the accuracy you’ve always predicted with ads like this, so we can almost move these games over to Sony’s subscription service for sure.

Primordial world is an action special with platform elements that focus on using a skateboard, in an exotic world built entirely on the size of the board, to be explored in its various settings. In the game, we find ourselves wandering the world of Radlandia, following various missions and missions, encountering colorful characters and very special situations, including encounters with mystical skate deities on the way to Gnarvana. You can get to know him better in our OlliOlli World review

The definitive edition of Mafia is the complete remake of the first chapter of the popular 2K Games series, remastered by Hangar 13 with a brand new graphic design. The game keeps the original in terms of structure and narrative, but is completely rebuilt in terms of graphics and some gameplay elements such as controls and driving model, greatly updating the classic experience.

Mafia: Definitive Edition, screenshot from the game

Read more in our review of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

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Evil Dead: The Game It is the final link in the series of Sam Raimi’s horror films with the legendary Bruce Campbell as the hero. The game reinterprets the events and characters from the series to build a survival horror with a strong focus on cooperative team play where players must work together to survive the horror.

at the end, Beyond the light It is an extension of Destiny 2, thus introducing what could be a new direction in PlayStation Plus gaming, offering DLC ​​and expansions in addition to the standard titles. In fact, this also arises as another addition to the usual three standard games, thus a certainly welcome increase over the norm.

Recall thatOfficial announcement PlayStation Plus games for February 2023 are expected to launch this week, which is Wednesday, February 1 at this point, with the release date set for Tuesday, February 7, 2023.

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