Iran: Drones targeted a military center in Isfahan, “thwarting an attack” – Asharq Al-Awsat

Iran: Drones targeted a military center in Isfahan, “thwarting an attack” – Asharq Al-Awsat

Failed drone attack The ministry said in a statement that one of the workshop complexes of the Ministry of Defense in the city of Isfahan, central Iran, was thwarted, adding that one of the drones was hit by the anti-aircraft defense system of the complex, and two other planes exploded. (at 9pm Italian time), it was reported, that it only damaged part of the roof of the workshop and caused no injuries or damage to equipment. The aforementioned ministry said by the IRNA news agency.

Videos spread on social media, last night, showed explosions in an ammunition depot north of the city of Isfahan, with emergency units dispatched to the scene. Witnesses reported that three or four explosions.

Iranian state television, quoting official sources, stated that there were no casualties. Roof damage was recorded. Oraib said, “The explosion occurred in an ammunition factory in the Ministry of Defense, and there were no injuries, according to the deputy governor of Isfahan.”

The Iranian ministry said that one of the two drones was destroyed by the anti-aircraft defense system at the site, while the other two exploded. A video widely circulated on social media, whose authenticity AFP could not verify, shows a large explosion at the scene and images of emergency vehicles heading towards the area.

Commenting on the failed attack, he spoke about it “Explosive night in Iran” Adviser to the Ukrainian President Mykhailo Podolac, He mentions “production of drones and missiles” and “oil refineries”. In his tweet, Podolyak asserted that “The Logic of War is ruthless and murderous” and “toughly presents the bill to the perpetrators and accomplices.”

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The US Air Force and “another country” attacked a military facility of the Iranian Ministry of Defense in the city of Isfahan with drones: Al Arabiya reported, citing sources, TASS news agency reported. According to Al-Hadath TV channel, Israel is not involved in the operation, according to the TASS agency.

nuclear programme
Iran has several well-known nuclear research sites in the Isfahan region, including the uranium conversion plant. In April 2022, Tehran announced that it had begun producing 60% of the enriched uranium at the Natanz site, which is close to the 90% needed for an atomic bomb.

Negotiations to revive the international Iranian nuclear agreement, known by the English acronym JCPOA, which concluded in 2015 between Iran on the one hand, and the European Union and the six major countries on the other, stalled after a unilateral exit agreement by the United States. in 2018. That agreement was aimed at preventing Tehran from acquiring atomic weapons, a goal that Iran has always denied pursuing. Iran’s nuclear programme
It has been the target of several campaigns of cyberattacks, sabotage, and targeted assassinations of scientists.

protest movement
The announcement of the attack comes at a time when Iran is not only disturbed by the differences related to the nuclear issue and the accusations of some countries that Tehran provided the Russian army with drones for the war in Ukraine. but also who A protest movement arose in mid-September after death Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd who died While being held by the morality police for not wearing the veil properly. Today only , French President Emmanuel Macron She praised the “struggle” of the “killed as a martyr” girl for not wearing the veil, announcing the 14 winners of the Marianne initiative, which was launched in 2022 and which rewards those committed to defending human and social rights or protecting the environment.

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“Oppression is multiplying in the four corners of the world (..) Women and girls are often the first victims of this injustice,” the French head of state emphasized in a video posted on his Twitter account. Macron added, “If Mohsa Amini, who was assassinated as a martyr, becomes a symbol for all of us today, then her struggle obligates us to responsibility and action.”

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