March 25, 2023

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Lazio, a satirical post on Kim Kardashian and a Roma T-shirt with Manniskin music

Rome – In the capital, some say it’s a limit, the rivalry between the city is intensely lived 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And in view of the cynicism characteristic of the Romans, woe to lend a side… It happened today Romewith the viral photo of the American superstar Kim kardashianPhotographed by the paparazzi in the Giallorossi shirt, an image that has become a symbol of the club he leads Friedkin. But as in the field derby, the situation sometimes turns upside down, perhaps because of the details.

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Kim Kardashian from Rome: Walking in Los Angeles in a Giallorossi shirt!

Season ’97 / ’98 in which “Poker served”

In social media time, nothing has gone missing from the watchful eyes of followers, and it turns out that the shirt Kardashian wore was that of Zemans Roma in 1997/98, a season set to go down in football history in the capital. Help with an empty network for Laziowho across his social networks, from Twitter to Instagram, is well angry.

“Mama Mia Kim! You’ve unlocked a memory for us!”

You opened a memory for us! ” In fact, in that season, four derbies took place between the Championship and the Italian Cup, all of which were won by Ericsson’s team, who would soon start reaping trophies and successes, until the triumph of the Scudetto in 2000. Videos of goals scored by biancocelesti, with excellent signatures of left-handedAnd Nedved And Casiraghieven sign at the bottom of Gothardsthat occurred a Poker served The day is still not repeated.

“Soundtrack” gem

In the “memorial” video ironically published by Lazio, the soundtrack could not go unnoticed, with “Hey Momfollower muniskins let’s rememberMother Kim! “, which was probably hastily done by Roma’s social networks. Which, according to derby tradition, turned out to be a private goal. Damienthe first man of the Roman squad, who has never hidden his belief in yellow and red, is already the protagonist of the pepper back-and-forth with the Lazio fans.

Maniskin's wedding with Dybala, Oriana, Pellegrini, Fedez: the most beautiful photos

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Maniskin’s wedding with Dybala, Oriana, Pellegrini, Fedez: the most beautiful photos

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